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Youve made your desires clear to us and Studio 2000 International is gonna give you what you hunger for. You love our Euroboys, and Jan Novaks brand new Festival of Foreskin, Winning Ways, is crammed with luscious newcomers and exquisite exclusives such as boyish beauty Joseph Sladek, glossy Ivan Rohan, power-packed Ladislav Pekar, and super bottom Daniel Palffy. Why four faves in one flick? Because these are the skinned superstars you loved in Studio 2000 Internationals earlier erotic epics, Payload, Sex Trap, and Good And Bad. You wanted em gorgeous, you wanted em young, and you wanted em humpy. You get all that and more.
Winning Ways is an Eastern Europe al fresco frolic where your dreams all come alive, and your wet dreams turn ever wetter and wilder. Picture, if you will, a host of perfect pouty porn pups, on a randy romp in the forest outside Prague: skinny-dipping, pulling pranks, nude hitchhiking, fooling around, male-male bonding, and lots of woodsy weekend sucking and fucking.
First up, sleek, sensual Josef Sladek is lounging around in front of a garage with iridescent blond newcomer Patrik Levaj. Levajs long, luscious tongue passionately penetrates brunet Sladeks lustrous lips, as they get to know one another. The action moves inside the garage, as kissing turns to cocksucking. Before you know it, luminous Levaj blasts off a no-hands cum shot from his amazingly thick tool. More oral action leads into Levaj licking Sladeks beautiful butt before pumping him missionary and gie style. Each fuck feast leads to a royal fireworks display of juicy jism that will leave you amazed and aroused. Were counting five (!) jizz blasts in this scene alone.
A bunch of the guys are fooling around in the woods and decide as a joke to tie lion-maned Janos Lasky to a tree and smear him with mud. Luckily, Ivan Rohan of the dark eyes, chiseled face, and jumbo joint, comes along to release the beautiful blond. From there, their fairy tale romance continues under the sparkling splash of a woodland waterfall. Sensuous is the only way to describe the searing spectacle that Lasky and Rohan churn up with their lovemaking. Both blow bone with abandon, devouring each others foreskin with frenzy. Lasky sits on Rohan7s heavy, veiny woody and bounces his butthole up and down that talented shaft. Later Rohan. screws him against the rocks, his big balls bouncing with every stroke. Just for the record, both of these beautiful boys come copiously, not once, but twice.
We see groups larking about, but two of the guys (Rusland Peterko and Daniel Palffy) break off and find themselves a secluded sanctuary, a house in the woods, where they can ball to their hearts content. They suck cock on the porch and both blow their loads. Enter beefy Severino Cireka, whose house it is. Ever the host with the most, Cireka unlocks the door, invites the twosome inside, and instigates a dick-munching, ass-pounding threeway, You know by now that Palffys butthole is made for boning. His fuzzy crack craves Peterkos peter, and he gets what he needs. As if that were enough, Cireka also gets his cavity filled with cock. Once more, the money shots have to be seen to be believed.
After some adolescent hijinks, giant-jointed Ladislav Pekar and ultra-buff Jaro Bouchac make up their differences by kissing, groping, sucking cock, and finally fucking. Pekar pounds the paint off Bouchac in an old fashioned buff that leaves the muscleman taking every inch and begging for more. Each of them blasts twice, and again, were talking across the room and down the hall.
Winning Ways is a winner in every way. Youve got a feast of foreskin. A gorgeous collection of Czechs — all with fabulous faces and flawless physiques — grand outdoor panoramas, and the high-end production values that Studio 2000 International is famous for. Studio 2000 Internationals arsenal of exclusives is unparalleled, and Jan Novaks Winning Ways is crammed with the hottest, horniest Euro-yummies you can get.

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