Cast: Nolan Knox, Serg Shepard
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Nolan knows about Travis’ cheating with another guy after the beach party, and two can play that game. As the resort states, "At The Pink Lotus we go to any lengths, depth, and thickness to service our guests." And opportunity knocks in the sexxxy person of bellboy Serg Shepard, sent by management to distract Nolan while the hotel figures out how to sneak a small urn they recovered back into his luggage unseen. Nolan invites Serg in and begins his carnal revenge on Travis for cheating. He leads Serg to a mirrored corner where every suck rimjob and screw is reflected back to an enticing double image view. Dutiful Serg drops to his knees and slobbers on the swelling pouch of Nolan’s fancy designer briefs. Soon they are naked with Serg getting his ass eaten out, then fucked raw and natural by the horny Asian stud. Nolan’s big cock has Serg panting and moaning in satisfaction as he braces against the wall and checks out their reflection. Finally he settles back with legs up and spread wide open on the bed as Nolan goes in for the final sprint to the splashy, creamy finish. Drizzles of lube and precum leak down Serg’s crack as things heat up. Knowing he can’t hold back, Serg straddles Nolan’s thick tool and rides till his sticky wad spurts down his beating fist. As Nolan milks out his own load, Serg cranes his neck to catch the gleaming drops before they share a cummy kiss.

Total size: 3.5 GB in 2 files.

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