Release Year: 2010
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Landon Mycles, Chad Manning, James Gates, Rod Daily and Kevin Cavalli join Beaux Banner, Chad Clovis, Rusty Stevens, Dylan Roberts, Brenden Cage and Cameron Steele
Genres: Muscle Men, Dildos, Glory Holes, Masturbation

In the last few years, Jet Set has captured a great array of highly "suck and fuck worthy" young guys to get it on for their Straight Edge series of DVDs. Straight Edge Vol. 8 continues the others with a variety of sexual encounters. There is "a straight vibe" to some of the guys, but all of them seem to get off on the gay sex. This volume begins with a fast and furious scene in a sex club between a hot Rusty Stevens and a rougher-looking Chad Manning. Waiting near a glory hole for some action, Chad gets some soon enough. Rusty enters on the other side of the wall and drops his pants. He pushes his growing hard-on through the hole for Chad to suck. After a long blowjob, Rustyes around the partition to play with Chad, one on one. They take turns sucking each other’s big dicks, which leads to Chad kneeling naked on a nearby table so that Rusty can rim his hot ass and ram his dick up his butt. The second scene features Brenden Cage as a school detention supervisor and Dylan Roberts as his lone reluctant student. He doesn’t want to study, but he certainly isn’t averse to filling the time sucking cock and fucking the period away. They not only manage to finish themselves off, but they make a date to go at it again next week. Next James Gates takes a solo turn in a locker room, where he manages to stroke his thick dick and eventually ram a dildo up his ass. He jacks off a private load in the process. And then, in an unrelated scene in the glory hole area of ??a sex club, James has sex again, sucking first on Chad Manning’s big cock through the hole. He obviously hasn’t had enough and wants more. Landon Mycles joins James and Chad, sucking on both dicks at the same time, back and forth. Chades from behind the partition to join the two. After they work on him for a while, he leads the two cocksuckers to a nearby table for some ass play. They get up on their knees, their butts pushed out, to get their holes worked on by Chad’s talented tongue, fingers and dildos. Next, a tall, lanky red-head, Cameron Steele, gets a chance to get off by himself in the locker room, and then get off by himself. He starts out playing with his soft dick, but he quickly works it into a stiff 8 inches. After jacking it for a while and then rubbing it back and forth on a bath towel, he shoots an impressive load. The next scene shifts to the beach where Beaux Banner and Chad Clovis, fresh from the surf, are admiring each other’s hot muscular bodies through their wet suits. In a matter of moments, they’ve stripped down to brief bathing suits, and Beaux is on his back taking Chad’s big hard dick in his mouth. Eventually, Chad trades off and gives Beaux, still flat on his back, an enthusiastic blowjob, his own hard-on still raging between his legs. Before you know it, Beaux is on his knees to take Chad pounding his ass doggie-style. As they rise to a standing position, Chad continues to plow his ass. Then the two take matters into their own hands and stroke their hard dicks until they each shoot a load. The final scene with Rod Daily and Kevin Cavalli again takes place at the beach. They’ve wandered off to be alone, and a tentative kiss sets them off. Rod works Kevin’s big hard dick first, and then Kevin goes for Rod’s. But Kevin definitely wants a piece of Rod’s ass. He takes him first on his knees and then on his side, ramming him from the rear. When he raises Rod’s legs and fucks him spread-eagle, Rod shoots a thick pool of cum on himself. Kevin finishes himself off over Rod’s crotch, ending the scene and the film.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:56:09
Video: 720×400, XviD, 1851kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

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