Studio: Street Boys
Cast: Neal Black, Denis Reed, Carey Lexes, Martin Brawer, Felix Wallace, Tom Smith, Lucky Taylor, Leo Cooper, Thommy Roger, Dimitrij Ivanovic
Genres: All bareback, Deep Throat, Sperm Eating/Kissing, Toy-Play, Anal Ejaculation, Monster Dicks, Cum shots, Cum Shot Extras
Video language: English

Scene 1:
“Well Denis Reed, what do you think about my muscles?” asks Carey Lexes. It’s hot as hell replies Denis Reed. Without wasting time he fondles his chest softly and starts playing with his nipples. The touch of his hand makes him horny right away. He pulls his hand deep inside his pants in which you can see already a bulge. Denis does the same and slips his hand down. He opens his trousers and pulls his fat prick out. Willingly Carey kneels down in front of Carey and starts sucking his helmet. Denis draws on Carey’s head closer and plugs his pecker deep inside his mouth. In the meantime that cock got all hard too. By the sight of this Denis can’t help himself. He needs to give head. He licks the bell end and rotates his tongue around Carey’s fat schlong. Then he turns him around and spreads his buttocks. He wants to lick his ass. Sensually he plays around the hole with his tongue and wets it. Then he gets up and pulls his dong into that dark hole. He starts to fuck him slowly and caring then screws Carey’s hole deeper and harder. That one enjoys it obviously and screams quietly full of lust. Every impact of Denis brings him about to bust a nut; finally he cannot hold it anymore. He turns around and wanks his weenie. Denis kneels down in front of him because he wants to suck every drop of it. He opens his mouth widely when Carey jerks a load out of his glans. That warm sperm rises Denis’ lust immensely. His turn to masturbate his cock. He wants to squirt his proteins too. Carey bends down in front of him and plays with his balls. Denis screams like an animal when he finally gets off. Carey makes out with Denis’ hot muscular body, when they exchange cum with their tongues in both mouths. What a hot guy is that he thinks at the end…

Scene 2:
Don’t look at me like a jerk, acts Neal Black to Felix Wallace. He continues to stare at Neal willingly. What the heck Neal thinks. He slaps him twice in his face, pulls him up to him to get a blow job. Sucking Felix really turns him on. His dick gets hard like a rock in no second. Neal is so turned on that he wants to have sex right away. He bends down to Felix and starts to suck his tail. First slowly then faster he swallows that prick deep into his throat. He seizes the dildos that lie next to Felix’s drawer and puts them both into his mouth. He chews 3 pricks at the same time and begins to wet Felix’s asshole. He sticks his tongue deep inside his hole. He also wants to bang his asshole really bad. He takes a dildo and inserts it slowly into his butt. He sinks that toy deeper and deeper into his bastard. Felix screams out full of lust. Then Neal takes the second dildo. He inserts both of them in a prudent way in his hole. After expanding his arse he’s ready to fuck him. He turns to Felix’s ass and plugs his erected tail bare into his butt. He bangs him like an animal. One can see this horniness in his face. He fucks him harder until he cannot hold his cum anymore. Then he jerks off deep inside his asshole. Finally he pulls out his prick and the proteins drop out of his dark hole. Neil who is obsessed with sperm wants to taste it too. He licks the rest off Felix’s buttocks. That one too can’t hold his cream anymore. He wanks himself until he jerks right into his own mouth. Neal who approached him right away kisses him wildly in order to taste his cum too. That warm sperm made him so horny. He needs to bust a nut one more time. To do so he leans backwards and jacks off his pecker still erected. Felix gives him a help in doing so and at the end licks his scream lustfully off Neal’s dick.

Scene 3:
Leo Cooper gets home still dressed up nifty and preppy, but he is totally horny. Without wasting time he rips his clothes off his body and seizes a dildo. He oils it and slides the toy slowly into his hole. Deeper and deeper he pushes it into his sphincter. He needs to feel that dildo deep inside of him.He places the plastic cock in order to sit on it. He rides on it like a cowboy and while he wanks his own dick. His cum is almost ready to squirt out of his bell end. Finally Leo can’t hold his juice anymore. Abundantly he squirts his sperm. With greed he licks the rests of it from his fingers and leans back satisfied.

Scene 4:
“What a hot guy that is over there” thinks Martin Brawer “let’s see how I can make a pass at him…” Seems like no problem for an aggressive guy like Martin. First he takes place next to Lucky Taylor in a shy way. But then he puts all his charm to the test. He looks very interested at Lucky’s nipple piercing, then slides his hand down his body. He opens Lucky’s pants without hesitation and stares at the pecker that peers out of it. That the object of desire for Martin who wastes no time to get down on it to suck it hard. He gives Lucky the blow job of his dreams. Having this horny prick in his mouth really turns Martin on. He takes off his own clothes and shows Lucky his cock. He sucks on Martin bell end wildly like an animal and without a pause.In a request for more Martin shows Lucky his asshole. Lucky promptly understands this invitation and wets Martin’s hole. He inserts his tongue deep inside his butt. He fingers it then puts a toe in it. Martin gets so excited by this that he needs to get fucked at last. He turns around quickly and sits down on Lucky’s erected tail. He rides it up and down like an animal while wanking his own fat prick. He cannot hold his cum anymore. He screams full of lust when he squirts his cum out of his bell end. After such a hot load Lucky only wants to get off too. Martin kneels over his fat weenie and plays around his hole. Lucky rubs his own dick until he jerks off abundantly. Martin fully excited licks every drop of his juice and spreads the rests with his tongue in Lucky’s mouth. Holy shit, what was that a randy moment thinks Martin finally and totally satisfied…

Scene 5:
Blond Tom Smith doesn’t know what to do out of boredom. How bad that he feels that pressure in his bell end and is totally excited as always. “Good for me there’s a dildo” he thinks.He starts right away to play around with his hard nipples. He pulls up slowly his t-shirt and opens his pants. He rubs his dick and licks his armpits. When he prick is fully erected, he completely takes off his pants. He wanks his pecker and plays around with his tight asshole. Then he uses his favorite dildo. He squeezes this rubber dildo gently into his butt. He inserts it deeper and deeper into his butt. Tom’s excitement grows with every inch. He moves the dildo faster inside of him. The pressure in his bell end is immensely. One last time he slides the dildo deep inside his sphincter until he squirts a full load of proteins. Satisfied he licks his fingers off and leans back with pleasure.

Scene 6:
“Hey Dimitrij Ivanovic , show me your nipples” asks Tommy Rogers. At first reluctant, then without hesitation he pulls up Dimitrij Ivanovic’s t-shirt. In a shy way Tommy plays with him. Dimitrij is now willing to have sex, he opens his pants and takes his prick out. Tommy understands this invitation without a doubt and gives him a blow job right away. Obsessed he licks his bell end and plays around with Dimitrij’s asshole. That one is so turned on, he wants to give head. After Tommy has taken off his clothes Dimitrij attacks him right away. He blows his cock until it gets hard and wets his ass. He also fingers it and enters his fat dick uncontrolled into Tommy’s sphincter. He bangs him like a wild one. Tommy enjoys it obviously. Dimitrij penetrates him deeper and deeper until Tommy can’t hold his cum anymore. He squirts a full load of proteins out of his glans. Dimitrij spreads the rests in his mouth and needs to get rid off his pressure too. He puts himself upright and pulls Tommy’s mouth towards his cock. He wanks his erected prick very fast until he jerks a full load of warm cream into Tommy’s mouth. Satisfied he swallows it all and leans back completely happy.

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