Release Year: 2008
Studio: FoersterMedia
Cast: Toh, Dawyd, Domenik, Justin Beeker, Mario, Marc Spitz, Michael Gutgebaute Jungs um die 20
Genres: Thai-Boy auf Fickurlaub in Deutschland, Dreier, Rimming

Train station Limburg an der Lahn. A train from Frankfurt is arriving. Toh, an 18-year-old, image-wise young Thai tourist (coverboy), gets out and is expected of the blond Dawyd. After a stroll through the idyllic old town, they land in a cafe. Host Domenik, a friend of Dawyd, served . But Dawyd gets Domenik’s tail out of his jeans and shows Toh how cool it is in good old Germany. Toh is amazed and also takes the step. After Dawyd Domeniks Fleischprugel has licked to full length, Toh around the fat pipe. Domenik takes the two boys to his apartment over the cafe. The guys pull out their clothes and fall on the couch. Domenik lays down another porn, and he watches Dawyd’s sting. Write a review! Domenics mingles again. He and Toh sink in a tongue, while Dawyd is working on her tail. The threesome ising. Domenik licks Dawyd the sweet apfelpo and then fucks him from behind mercilessly. Dawyd lipped his lips at the same time to Toh’s pipe. Then Toh goes to the center. He is fucked by Dawyd and devours Domenik’s cock as far as the stop. In the end, Toh gets the fat loads of his lover full in the face. In Koln, Toh after a stroll around the cathedral in the evening in the scene quarter to the young Mario (known from "Viva Ibiza!" Or "Adria Blue"). Already in the corridor of Toh’s hotel room, the two fall over each other. They tear off their T-shirts and attach themselves to their stiff nipples. Superblaser Mario goes to his knees and devours the Thai bamboo tube to the sack. In the bathroom Mario lets his latte spit and suck. On an armchair is then licked. Mario spits and dribbles deep before he splits the delicate cheeks with his hammer into two halves. In the bed of the fuck face to face. Toh squirts. Mario hunts his cum over his chest. Frankfurt am Main is Tohs next station. Here he crosses the city with his camera. He meets dark-haired Michael, who shows him the scene quarter. In the lounge of the "LM 27" the two are approaching. Tongues, grips in the crotch. Both greedily and unrestrainedly, the two cling to each other on their stances. Toh sits down on the counter so Michael can blow deeper. Michael then bends over a barstool so that Toh can fuck him from behind. Toh has a hard and powerful shock. After fuckinges the big egg licking. And the egg bombs are exploding. In Karlsruhe encounter Toh the great Justin Beeker ("Faro Heat"). The young bodybuilder ("21 years, 21 centimeters") shows the city with its great parks and can then be taken to Toh’s hotel room. Showers, toothbrushes. Toh is already waiting with a stiff giant on Justin, who has also been fresh. Blisters lying down and standing. Toh works with a certain awe at Justin’s Supergerat. But then his head tilts up and down in wild movements. In a 69er-Blasrunde prepare the two guys on fucking. Justin pops Toh first from behind standing. Then Toh rides up and down Justin’s lance. On the floor sitting Toh Justins Spermafontane gets in the face. He, too, was shooting high. On his last day in Germany, Toh and his host Marc Spitz take stock. Both are sitting in the park, and Toh tells him about his experiences. Then the two go in Marc’s apartment. Marc tried to farewell with a hot number. Both guys caress and lick. They buried themselves in their tits. Marc wags through Toh’s twitching rosette and off her for the next fuck on the table. Deep, short, long bumps. Toh closes his eyes, shows his radiant white teeth, laughs and gets Marcs snow-white snot right on his torn hole. Toh does not have enough. Marc gives him a look. He tumbles the rosette with Gleitol, sticks a few fingers in. And Toh squirts off. His new film, Andree M. Cruze, has been filmed from Germany’s biggest holiday productions such as "Viva Ibiza!", "Adria Blue", "The Island Fixer" or "Faro Heat". For the shot Exotik provides Thai-Boy Toh, which was flown for this film extra from Bangkok. A multitalent. He brought his German team-mates to the test. In no scene, Toh has even the smallest hanger, although he is mostly played. Teenage power and lust: In this film they are in perfection to see. A strong piece of porno-Germany. Absolutely rmendable!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:48:46
Video: 660×496, DivX 5, 1074kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 963.3 MB

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