Cast: Khan ,Seki Tabuchi
Video language: English

Wanting a dick, Seki sucks Khan until he is ready to preform; hardness does "cum" at a cost. As Khan face-fucks his bottom, Seki breathes in and out his nose. Up and ready, Khan gives his boy one last blow before grabbing the bottle of lube; swirling it in his fingers, he also readies the bottom’s "treasure." Gloving up, the top laughs as he tries to "suck" the bottle. Using his tongue and fingers, Khan excites his boy.Pushing in, his large head startles Seki, but then his sphincter relaxes, taking the rest of his partner’s shaft. In, and pumping hard, the two are "joined." Seki’s moans excite Khan even more. Before he turns his bottom over, the top goes balls deep. Feeling every inch, Seki grabs the bed and gasps with delight; his moans are met with hot neck kisses. Together the boys tug and grow close; Khan shoots first, as he lubes up Seki "naturally." Towering over Khan, Seki showers his partner with jizz.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:24
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Audio: 187kbps

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