Release Year: 2016
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Cast: Aarin Asker, Andy Arcade, Brian Bonds, Cream, Ray Dalton, Tex Davidson, Alex Hammer, Ben Harrison, Kenny Host, Pony Hunter, Tom J, Christian Matthews, Murphy Maxwell, Aleks Ryder, Gio Ryder, Marcus Stone, Diego Tovar
Genres: Oral, Cum Eating, Facial, Black, Interracial

Scene 1 – Deep Throat Few men are as fully into their dicks as Ray Dalton. When you meet him it’s like being hit by a one-man tsunami of sexual heat. Sucking RAY’s cock isn’t just a privilege, it’s a total fucking les in manhood taken straight from the source. had been asking for just such a les between s lean thighs, so we gave it to him. After all, “give every man what he wants” is our motto. The session ranges from pure phallic worship to hardcore skull-fucking. Aleks hangs on for dear life while Ray-the-stallion doesn’t just mouth-fuck him, he mind-fucks him, jibber-jabbering his wildman sex talk non-stop. It’s all topped off with a major jizz-dump down the boy’s gullet. I talked with Aleks later on and I’d swear his voice had been lowered a couple of notches. Must’ve been thebo of man-juice and throat stretching. Scene 2 – Jadyn Daniels at the Gloryhole There’s nothing I admire more than a truly trashy no-limits cocksucker. And for a tried and true trashy cocksucker, the glory hole is a sacred thing. Jadyn Daniels is a handsome cocksucker who loves to kneel and suck anything and everything that slides through the hole. “Alone with god” is how he describes it. And when god spews his seed, if Jadyn misses a drop of it, he happily gets down and slurps the salty ichor right off the filthy porn-booth floor. We showed our approval by tossing a few bucks on the floor for him. Scene 3 – Novice Cocksucker in Training Bob Pattin came to us as a "straight man" looking to show off his oral skills. When we asked how much cock sucking he had done, he said "I’ve done enough." So we gave him Brazilian stud Alex Hammer to see just how experienced this "cocksucker" was. Within the first 10 minutes, Alex aggressively shoved his schlong so far back into the boy’s throat, Bob lost his breakfast, lunch AND dinner. We told him there was no going back, so after a quick clean up, we put the novice back on his knees and him to finish what he had asked for. Scene 4 – Aarin Asker Blows Tex David Aarin Asker is a man on the rise, making a name for himself with his beautiful physique, his perfect sexy face, his unquenchable hunger for dick. Aarin sez when he sees a fine cock, he goes into a trance and just follows his lust, wherever it takes him. He wants you to watch him; he wants you to stroke your dick as he sucks off Tex David. And Aarin wishes he could be right there to suck you off and swallow your jizz right down. He’s starving for it. Scene 5 – Tom J. and Ben Harri Every now and then, we have guys thate through our studio with dicks worthy of being worshiped. Ben Harri is one of those guys. His long cockbined with a couple of low-hangers make for a challenge worthy of any would-be cocksucker and . happily stepped up to the task. Despite his preppy look (he has a fucking La Coste tattoo — I mean c’mon), Tom is a real pig, trying to eat s trouser trout for lunch. Clearly with a dick of this magnitude, the training wheels were off. After the shoot, Tom kept the cum on his face — a real badge of honor as he took his "walk of pride" home. Scene 6 – Seven Dicks for Gio What can I say about Gio Ryder? He’s a young good-looking dick worshiper with a lot of experience — but believe it or not, he’d never been to a gloryhole arcade before. We gave him his first g-hole experience, and now his dream is to put an army cot in a glory hole booth and live there. Till that happens (we’re working on it&hellip he hopes you enjoy watching him in his first anonymous gloryhole cock-spree. His sweet boyish lips and warm wet tongue slurp one dick after another after another. Which would you be — or one of those throbbing boners feeding him? Scene 7 – Sadistic Man-Whore Pork-Throats His New Since our goal is to "give every man what he wants," it seemed almost obvious that these two would end up together. Eli Cumming, since the first day he arrived at our studio door, has asked me to have men use him, abuse him, and push his limits. Aaron Block wanted a guy he could throw around, dominate, and feed his load to. Naturally the first thing he did was put a collar on the willing and eager sub. Aaron takes his time, getting his sub to suck him just right, slapping the man-whore each time he fails to follow orders. They get so rough with each other, the two even managed to bring down the backdrop mid-shoot. After he shoots his load, -hung Aaron lies back and lets his new suck his dick to his heart’s content. Scene 8 – Two Cocksuckers Attempt the Bloaty Pig-Dick Challenge If you’re like me, you love all dick — everything from a little rock-hard pricker to a mammoth bloated phallic wonder. When my beloved dick-hounds Pony and Kenny saw Jay Xmuscle’s fat cock, they immediately wrote me begging to worship and swallow his dick/load. Share and share alike, I say. My no-limits crew falls into a state of dumb worship when confronted with Jay’s monster. They take turns gobbling and spewing and gagging and sucking, trying to slake that inhuman lust that every man feels burning in him. It’s called Life, man, and it’s what we celebrate when we suck Cock. Scene 9 – Christian Matthews Blows dy Cream It’s no secret that Christian Matthews has a thing for dies. However, dy Cream was not what he was expecting when I told him I had lined one up. He’d hoped for someone older, but when he saw his cock, Christian dropped to his knees and inhaled it throat-deep. When dy Cream’s having a good time, he ain’t quiet about it. Generous to a fault, dy ‘s always happy to let a hungry faggot swing on his bat. Afterwards, his shit-eating grin was enough to light up the whole room. Scene 10 – Murphy Maxwell at the Gloryhole Well, now, sometimes a cocksucker is really out of the ordinary — a total original. That would be Murphy . He lives way the hell out in the woods andes to town to be stoned & stupid and suck as much dick as he can find. He seriously "don’t give a fuck" who it’s attached to. For Murphy , god bless ‘im, dick is dick is dick. And he feels its power and glory the way a true innocent feels it. Look at these pics: this is a bred-in-the-bone mountain-boy red-neck cock-lover making his religion with his mouth. I’m right there with you, Murph. Scene 11 – Andy Arcade Throatfucks Marcus Stone Marcus Stone is the kind of cocksucker that you hope ends up on the other side of the gloryhole. He’s a carnivore, and his lust for meat has made him a regular at every sex party and arcade in Northern California. So we decided to give him Andy Arcade’s dick as a true test of his oral abilities. The two hit it off fast. I barely had time to hit record before Andy’s pants were off and locked together like a pair of Lego pieces. After the initial rush of a truly dedicated cock-worshiper slurping on his dick, Andy took control and face-fucked the insatiable cock-fiend, shooting his load deep down Marcus’s throat. Scene 12 – Brian Bonds Blows Ben Harri at 150 BPM We decided to take Brian Bonds And Ben Harri on a nature hike in a local city park. Sneaking just out of sight, with joggers and baby strollers nearby, Ben whips out his dick and Brian does whates naturally to a cocksucker. Nature takes its course, to say the least. drops to his knees and goes to town, choking on every throbbing inch of Ben’s soon-to-be erupting thick schlong. Brian is so worked up after eating Ben’s load that he jacks his jizz onto Ben’s dick, then cleans it all off. Outdoor sex– it brings out the best in men. Bonus 1 – Christian Matthews Solo After his encounter with dy Cream in Scene 9, Christian Matthews was too horned up to call it quits. dy Cream had left, so Christian started stroking his own plump dick. Our man Kenny Host couldn’t help but get a finger or two in on the action. After a few short minutes, he blew a load all over Kenny and the camera! Kenny , a master of equipment management, dutifully licked up all the sperm off the camera — one of the fringe benefits of working on set with the men of . Bonus 2 – Murphy Maxwell at the Gloryhole (Part 2) Our favorite mountain man Murphy Maxwell stayed in town a few extra days and here he is, back to saving the world with more good ol’ fashioned gloryhole action. Bonus 3 – Dice and Diego To round out this heaping-helping of dripping dicks, I thought you’d like to watch as Dice And Diego Tovar go from gym buddies to dick buddies. Slurp!

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