Cast: Carter ,Ryan
Video language: English

I really enjoyed the guys’ banter at the start of this video. In fact, the entire beginning of this video was tons of fun to watch and film, as we chatted for a short bit and the guys interacted with one another, straight boy Ryan prepping to bone gay boy Carter. Both of these young hotties are really comfortable in front of the camera and have tons of fun doing what they do! They also had tons of fun with one another. Ryan was really turned on by the thought of being Carter’s first straight lay, and Carter was just pleased as punch at it all as well. hehe. Another treat in the early stages of this vid is when the action starts, and Carter sucks Ryan’s cock. You can see Ryan’s dick getting harder and harder as Carter pulls it out of his tight undies and starts sucking it. If you asked Ryan, I’m sure he would tell ya Carter can suck a mean dick! It certainly shows here! The early stages of this video were such fun, the guys trading bjs, making out, and Ryan rimming Carter’s hole, that I even had to break this video into a two-parter, as so much hot stuff was going on even before Carter gets… stuffed! But oh, when Carter gets stuffed! I got into this one, crawling all over the floor to get the best angle as Ryan’s big dick splits Carter’s hole open and drives in deep. In fact, you’re gonna see lots of footage of Ryan’s entire dick driving deep into Carter’s ass, while Carter moans and begs for more and Ryan keeps talking dirty to his bud. After drilling Carter on his back for a while, the guys move to where they’re on their sides, Carter getting it from behind. Finally, we’re treated to the site of Carter’s tall and lean build sitting atop Ryan’s big dick. As always, the cumshots are a good way to measure just how much fun the guys are having. And in this case, it was undoubtedly tons of fun! Sitting on top of Ryan’s dick, Carter strokes himself off to a huge load that sprays up and across Ryan’s ripped chest! Then, Ryan strokes off his own load into Carter’s hungry mouth! Beyond the first powerful shot of cum that sprayed clear off the bed, every single drop of Ryan’s load goes down Carter’s throat! Naughty!

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:30
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 1306kbps
Audio: 121kbps

File size: 110.2 MB

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