Hailing from South Beach, Florida, Micah Stone is the newest member of the Randy Blue family. I really liked meeting Micah because he came ready to perform. A lot of guys start out a bit shy or apprehensive, but the minute the cameras started to roll, Micah was on. I can picture him at home watching his favorite videos and practicing in the mirror. He knows he looks good but he isn’t cocky about it, he’s got a really nice demeanor and is very friendly and outgoing. He just really loves to show off his hot body. And why not, it’s gorgeous. Being a big fan of outdoor sports, specifically watersports (the kind you do at the beach, of course) has given him a body that even the most prudish gay man would totally lust after. He’s got these broad, muscular shoulders that his whole body hangs off of. His smooth, sculpted pecs and six-pack abs build a solid foundation from which hang two beautiful arms. While his top half is smooth like a plaster statue, his legs are covered with a lush carpet of sexy dark hair, acting as a nice contrast to the smoothness from up above. He keeps his pubes trimmed nicely so as not to stand out too drastically, but rather provide a good transition from the hairy to the smooth. And saving the best for last, that cock of his is utterly perfect. Long and thick without being too full, with a nice set of low hanging balls that swing rhythmically as he works the shaft of his giant tool. There is no simple stroke to satisfy this beast, it takes some fancy finger work to hit all the best parts and it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing by the way he runs his palm along the top, touching and teasing with his fingertips and then grasping the base and giving a few good strokes before starting all over again. His beefy tool works it’s way in between his fingers like a hungry snake on the prowl and the look on his face proves how effective this is because he closes his eyes and he’s totally lost in the feeling. Working himself into a sexual heat that finally gives way to an eruption of hot steamy sperm that sprays all over his muscular torso.

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