Two dark and hairy studs are lip locked in the Hard Friction studio.Damien Stone is so into his hairy muscle boy Jason Michaels he can’ttake his eyes and his hands off him. Jason wastes no time workinghis lips down Damien’s chiseled body to his long, rock-hard cock.Damien responds with enthusiasm, ‘Youre a damn good cocksuckerboy! Ready to get throat-fucked?!’ Jason is a good boy he stays onhis knees pleasing every throbbing delicious inch Damien Stone hasto offer him. Going down on Jason’s hole before fucking it, Damienspreads Jason’s hairy young tight ass wide and plants deep wet licksthere as lubricant. Jason’s moans and smiles with delight as his absand triceps flex. Once Jason is opened and ready Damien plants hislong stiff rod deep into his hole. It slides right in! Damien takescommand, grabs his bottom and gives it all he’s got, rock hard andsteady. The he flips Jason on his back so he can see him face to face,pulling his legs in the air and drilling for home. Jason’s smile couldn’tbe wider, obviously Damien hits the spot. In a third position Jasongets on and rides! He grinds his wet hairy hole on Damien’s pole untilthe friction drives him to blast his young cum all over the thick blackhairs that cover his muscled abs. Damien return the favor in a hugewhite blast that Jason laps up with no hesitation.

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