The game has been played, and The NYC Fuckers have lost. It’s time to hold the team member that threw the game responsible. The price is a good round of ass fucking in the locker room. Bend over Captain Deckard! You throw the game, you get fucked. Team members Scott Tanner and Tyler Saint bend Deckard’s hairy jock-wearing ass over the bench and take turns eating his sweaty hole out. Deckard returns the favor by delivering some of the deepest and sloppiest throat jobs seen on video. Sporting men know the gear can be as important as the action, and all of these guys are suited up in their socks, jocks, and cleats as they perform their favorite sport.

Soon Deckard’s ass is wet and ready and Tyler rolls down and greases up for Jake’s shaggy hole. Tyler’s cock is massive but Deckard is more than up for the challenge. With Tyler in his ass and Scott deep in his throat, Deckard takes his beating like a man. They switch hit, fucking Jake into oblivion, making you wonder how any of this could possibly be considered punishment.

There’s no "I" in team and soon Tanner wants some action for himself. Blonde bad boy Tanner is hung like a (a full 9 inches and thick) and has the ass of a soccer player to match. Bottoming for the first time on video, he bends over the bench, his huge ass rippling as Jake fucks the hell out of him. The scene is electric and Tanner and Deckard are an awesome coupling for video, the attraction between the two of them is palpable. Tanner’s face is beautiful as he winces and growls through this rare ass fucking. Soon he squirts his massive pecker into his jock with Jake buried deep in his butt and Tyler down his throat.

Then Tyler finishes his load into the same red jockstrap and stuffs the load into Jake’s mouth. The cum-flavored, nasty jockstrap sends Jake over the edge and he shoots his own load all over Scott’s heaving backside.

The fucking wasn’t all that much punishment for Deckard, who seemed to enjoy it more then learn from it, and Tyler belts him in the face, knocking him flat as a reminder that he wasn’t just fucking around.

As Jake falls into he starts to dream of men in gear. This introduces us to big beefy football star Vic Rocco. Wearing his football gear, Vic poses, showing us his massive guns, huge quads and unbelievable ass. Under the stadium lights, Vic rubs one out of his meaty pecker, shooting a white, creamy load into his sport cup.

Back in the showers, the coach of the team, Josh West, is soaping up. Teammate RJ Danvers is watching him, and has noticed the fucking going on out in the locker room. It turns out the coach had ordered the drubbing himself and asks young RJ if he would like to join in. Danvers has the coach on his mind though and the two are soon on the floor of the shower room. Josh has one of the biggest can cocks in the industry and RJ can stick just about anything in his big hairy asshole. Soon the two are making some passionate love up and down the tiles of the shower, with RJ taking Josh in every hole, and in every position with ease and gusto. RJ shoots his load in the middle of the session and rather than stop, Josh fucks him more and even harder than before. The coach doesn’t play games! RJ begs him the finish off and Coach West squeezes his beater out all over RJ’s back.

Back in Jake’s dream state we find geared-up beauties Scott Tanner and Logan McCree playing ball. Logan is one of Screaming Eagle XXX’s best known bad asses, from "Ink Storm". The two toss the football, until Logan decides the start some shit and holds the ball.

Tanner jumps his ass, and they start to wrestle each other onto the floor. They pull each other’s football gear off and begin to play each other. Both of these men are known for their huge cocks and meaty asses. They are two of the most amazing looking men in porn and during the time of shooting were very much into each other. First Scott eats Logan’s amazing tattooed asshole inside out, rubbing his face in so deep he could climb inside. They flip and Logan’s face is as stunning as Tanner’s big man ass (it’s got to be the best looking ass in the business).

Tanner puts McCree up on a platform and fucks the hell out of him. Watching these two beastly beauties fuck while all geared up in their football pads is an adventure. Tanner’s huge 9 inch rod rolls in and out of Logan’s stunning asshole, with gorgeous close ups of the brim of his pucker pulling in and out. Our two players pound one out for the team and soon the jizz flies. Both of the guys throw the most amazingly charged cum shots.

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