Studio: Active Duty

Things kick off as usual, on the couch, with these two hot Marines watching some good porn to get them ready. We talk shit back and forth and I give Diego a hard time about being late. I tell him hes on probation. Dorian joins in and things loosen up really quickly. I tell Diego Im gonna leave the two of them alone and see how long it takes Diego to jump Dorians bones. Diego tells me I instigate things and I deny his accusation. He tells on me about having a sailor spend the night that had a cast on his arm and tells me I go after the handicapped. He says thats why I went for him.Randy, Thomas, Kaden and Damien …
Things kick off right away with Randy sucking on Kaden while Damien is sucking on Thomas. I must have been downstairs baking a pie cause these four heroes got started without me. But thats OK, weve come in just at the right time. Randy is sucking Kaden while Kaden strokes Randy and Thomas is telling Damien how to worship his cock. Some things never change and one thing you can count on here at Active Duty is some hot sex between hot ass guys. This scene is no exception. The heat is on and we find ourselves right in the middle of it. Thomas is talking his usual dirty shit to Damien who is choking on his horse meat while Randy and Kaden are having their own pow wow. Randy is hungry today and Kaden is rock hard. Hes stroking Randys huge meat while he gets his worshipped. Damien is doing his magic on Thomas stick and its business as usual.

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