Release Year: 2003
Cast: Jordi Cosimo, Pavel Korsakov, Andel, Jirka Kalvoda, Pavel Dubcek, Peppino Sobota, Mylan Forman, El Greco, Ivo Skala, Cage Kejc, Jozeph Markovich, Lada Vostry, Roman Tomas, Russlan Karpov, Gernot and Vladimir Caspia.
Genres: athletic guys: anal: dildo: Duets: blowjob: masturbation: Trio:

In Prague Buddies 4 Jordi delivers his best performance to date. Thousands of his fans will be fully satisfied. Prague Buddies 4 resolves the cliff-hanger ending of Prague Buddies 3 and brings back many of your favortie stars, showing what can happen in the ancient Czech woodlands. Andel, Pavel Korsakov, Jirka Kalvoda, Pavel Dubcek and El Greco are all back in stellar performances. As a special treat, after much persuading, Vladimir Kaspia makes his one and only screen appearance. Enjoy Prague Buddies 4.

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