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When it comes to Southern cooking, one of the key ingredients is meat. And for a recipe to be successful, you have to know how to handle that meat. You have to know how long to cook it. You have to know the right time to flip it over or glaze i with that special hot sauce that will make that beefy juicy and tender. Of course, it’s best to marinade your meat in it’s own natural juices, like spits, sweat and cum and the smoking hot young men in this video know exactly how to handle their meat. And whether they’re cooking their meat outdoors, or beating it in the kitchen, Carson Carver, Witten Cooper, Joey Vox, Trevor Laster, Robbie Cross, Tyler West, Logan Taylor, Haigan Sence and Cole Markum are sure to leave you salivating as they show you how to handle Southern Country Meat.

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