Cast: Grant Ducati ,Christian Wilde
Genres: Suspension ,Slapping ,top ,Circumcised ,big dick ,Gay ,Rope Bondage ,switch ,Beard ,Handjob
Video language: English

New slave to the Compound Grant Ducati is bound naked with his knees resting on a hard wooden box. A modest white cloth is all that covers his manhood. Christian Wilde approaches the young stud, crop in hand. He smacks Ducati’s smooth, pink skin with the savage leather crop. Does Grant have what it takes to serve this house well? Christian cuts away the cloth and squeezes Grant’s cock. He has his doubts. He threatens to put Grant to work today. Grant claims to be a cum hungry slut. He wants Christian’s dick deep inside him. He wants to be Christian’s fucktoy, his sex slave. That pleasure he will have to earn. Grant’s name is replaced with the number 834, written across his hairless chest in bold, black letters. Christian straps a ball gag across 834’s mouth to make sure it stays wide open. He then puts his crop to work on 834’s tender flesh. 834 present’s his ass and begs for cock meat to fill his hole. He sucks Christian Wilde’s big, thick cock, taking it all the way into his hungry mouth hole. 834 has his hands tied to a spreader bar and get his ass fucked. The next step is to suspend this new slave so his toes barely touch two blocks of wood. Christian covers 834’s torso and balls with clothespins, to be knocked off with a flogger. Then Christian uses the flogger on 834’s thighs, buttocks, side and cock. The final position has 834 suspended on his back, his face level with Christian’s meaty cock. 834 is desperate to lick and taste Christians’s cock and balls, but it’s not so easy. Christian peppers 834’s exposed torso with stings from the Zapper. As a reward for enduring that torment, Christian plows his cock deep into 834’s anal cavity. Then he gives 834 a little ass-to-mouth action and commands 834 taste his own slutty hole. The butt fucking makes 834 shoot his load. Then he receives his master’s load on his tongue, mouth and face. 834 is left hanging in the suspension, his tender ass open and ready for the next hard cock.

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Duration: 56:29
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