Release Year: 2004
Studio: Diamond Pictures
Cast: Claudio Antonelli, Ray Phillips, Lucio Maverick, Rick Perry, Julian Vincenzo, Larry Knight, Carlos Baxter, Renato Bellagio, Roberto Giorgio, Jack Laurel, Gastone Pierce, Norberto Rollins
Genres: Oral Anal Group

Epic sex with a pretty locale is a specialty of director Csaba Borbely’s. In "Navy Kings: Part 1: A Sailor in Mykonos," his cast, the creme de la creme of Hungarian porn, is on Mykonos. The hypnotic Greek isle has just the right effect on the sea salts, turning them all into sex machines who delight in the strapping buff bodies of each other.Ray Phillips, with eyes so sexy they don’t look real, is wide-awake daydreaming, in his hot dark good looks and stunning body. He thinks of slightly hairy-chested man jacking off to swirling crescendos of music. The man, Norberto Rollins, works his cock nicely in the hazy dream until cumming a load so big it goes at least three feet in the air. I suppose it’s a problem, therefore, that beefcake extraordinaire Ray’s boyfriend Rick Perry is slumbering in the same bed. He tries to get a little loving from Ray, who protests he’s too tired. But, bru Rick charges on, licking down Ray’s amazing body until getting to the hard cock. Ray wears a look of not caring, but his erection seems to enjoy Rick’s attention. Rick quickly rolls tattooed Ray in half to tickle his ass orally, Ray’s face still impassive. Ray is notably unlazy when he blows Rick and it finds Rick dotting Ray’s tight tanned skin with cum.As Ray whistles in the shower, Rick finds a phone number in Ray’s pants, enters into his cellphone, and dashes off to work. The phone number belongs to swarthy hairy Renato Bellagio, who is waiting near the beach for Ray’s call. Rick is an officer on a ship that is soon to deport for Greece, but he sends the men on board ahead of him to double back home.Renato has arrived and suddenly Ray is more alert in his sizeable arms. The two get naked and kiss heavily as they pump their dicks. That’s when Rick shows up to witness what is going on. He soon sees Ray blowing and fingering the excitable Renato, and has to leave, too upset. His loss, for Ray goes crazy on Renato. Renato sucks Ray with his customary talent, using a hand to help out. Ray fucks Renato sideways, showing off not only his topping skills, but also all the clenched muscles in his body. He continues missionary and then doggy, Renato willing all the way. Ray cums on Renato’s bum and Renato pumps his own out.Rick is despondent on his ship, which is overflowing with gorgeous sailors. Captain Julian Vincenzo and officer Lucio Maverick end up in a bar where Ray is also drinking. He strips and starts dancing, which causes one of the sailors in there to do the same. More and more sailors join in the gyrating spectacle. Even strong-jawed slightly bearded Jack and long-haired Lucio follow suit (and lose theirs). It’s a swirling mass of stunning bodies doing really bad dancing, but having fun.Julian and Lucio go to an all-white room where the champagne is chilling. After undoing their naval uniforms again, they can finally have the sex they have been waiting for. They are a hot couple — Julian with his upper-arm tattoo and hairy chest, Lucio with his toned tight body. Lucio sucks Julian lustfully, but the sailors on their crew show up, unable to resist joining in and it bes a six-way orgy. Julian has a Jack Lauren on his knees sucking him and another, while Lucio has two guys to work on him together. Everyone gets naked and breaks off into pairs. Roberto Giorgio, as big and muscular as a man can get, is rimmed by pencil-goateed Claudio Antonelli, while Jack gets Julian solo. Lucio is lucky enough to be playing with the amply tanned Carlos Baxter. His sucking is the most exciting. The guys are back in threes for the fucking. As Claudio sucks Jack, Julian fucks the latter. Jack looks so regally casual getting blown and hammered. Robert rides on Carlos, with Lucio sucking the top. Watching six men as hunky as these go at it is a true treat. Positions change so Lucio can fuck Roberto, with Claudio now doing Jack doggy, Jack sucking Carlos. Julian, standing with Lucio, cums on him, causing a chain reaction of jism.Four sailors go off to Greek resort rooms to rest, breaking up in pairs. Ever-dependable Roberto has thin Norberto Rollins as his bedmate. Roberto gives Norberto a fine blowjob, helped along by Norberto’s thrusting hips. Roberto, shoulders probably too wide to fit through most doorways, lavishes considerable attention on Norberto and is rewarded with a fuck from the littler guy. Norberto smoothly goes at him from all the positions, allowed full entry by Roberto’s pro ass until both cum.The adjoining room is inhabited by cute Larry Knight and tight as hell Gastone Pierce. The weather is too chilly for sitting outside, so sex indoors is a perfect idea. Larry gets heartily sucked by the hand-and-mouth attentions of Gastone, both moaning heavily. The blowjob gets Larry cumming on Gastone’s pec. Not anywhere near finished, Larry takes to Gastone’s balls with some heavy nibbling and then a rimjob. He is then fed Gastone’s cock and takes it with a sprightly tongue. Larry and Gastone ready Gastone’s ass together, each drilling in fingers to open it up. Finally, wasp-waisted Larry fucks Gastone with a calming rhythmic style. His own cock amazingly hard, Larry rides on Gastone, the latter thrusting up agreeably. Larry cums being fucked, repeated again when Lucky Larry gets blown into a second shot. Gastone hits Larry’s leg with his.And what of the central lovers? Well, Rick is still upset. He calls Ray to find out when he’ll be home and then calls Renato to invite him over. Whatever the motivation for the sex is, Rick gives it to Renato with vigor, first licking his ass clean in extreme close-up with a tongue that doesn’t quit. They then 69 with equal gusto. Rick is fucking Renato with the same as Ray did, and that’s when Ray shows up to witness it. No doubt he’s upset, but Renato certainly looks thrilled, given Rick’s extremely strong capable fucking. The two roll effortlessly from doggy to sideways and Rick loses no steam. Renato is then on his head for a downwards fuck from Rick, a great position for these two pros.Ray doesn’t seem all that upset, putting on groovy music and dancing happily as he packs his clothes. There’s hint of a spat when Rickes home, but Ray decides to discuss more on their boat to Santorini in the morning. Thankfully we have "Navy Kings: Part 2: Portholes" to find out what happens!

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