In New York City, the name of the game is survival. Moonlighting as an escort, Tommy Defendi is an aspiring artist who has to hustle for every dollar. His friend Phenix Saint is a maverick tattoo artist yearning to take his art to the next level. Together they induct doe-eyed Ma Star, a newcomer to NYC, into their group. All three guys have one thing in common: they will do whatever is needed to achieve their goals… even if it means fucking their way to the top. Also starring Marc Dylan, Kennedy Carter, Gabriel Clark and Turk Ma, Name of the Game is the first scripted feature from CockyBoys. Its a story of how three friends would do anything–and fuck anyone–in order to survive in the city that never sleeps.
Episode One: Tommy Defendi, Ma Star Phenix Saint Finding himself with a creative mental block, Tommy Defendi is frustrated about not having inspiration for his art. Phenix Saint suggests that Ma Star, a hot young new guy he recently met (and fucked). While sketching Ma, Tommy chooses to relieve the sexual tension in the room by getting the newbie naked and sucking him. The situation escalates and Ma finds himself on all fours on Tommys worktable taking all 9.5 inches of Tommy fat cut cock. Phenix returns to the studio only to get turned on by the action and giving Mas ass another go. Both tops blow on Mas hard, ripped body.
Episode Two: Ma Star Gabriel Clark Nervous to take on his first dance gig in NYC, Ma speaks with Gabriel Clark, a resident gogo dancer, about his apprehension. Mas fears are allayed when Gabriel distracts him by kissing him and blowing him behind the dance stage. Both Ma and Gabriel give a stellar performance that leaves both them and the audience wanting more. While waiting at the bar afterwards, Gabriel admits that one of his fantasies is to pound a guy in the club. Ma helps him realize this dream by taking Gabriel to the back of the club and bending over to take Gabriels cock in his well muscled ass. Ever the cum whore, Gabriel fucks Ma until cum shoots out of Ma into Gabes waiting mouth. Talk about making fantasies come true!
Episode Three: Kennedy Carter Phenix Saint Phenix Saint is an up and coming tattoo artist trying to make it in NYC. Kennedy Carter is a tattoo artist that has made it in the Big Apple. Phenix met Kennedy on the subway, and after talking for a bit, Phenix convinced Kennedy to come over to his place to show him some of his work. Well– you know they had other things in mind. The attraction between both of the guys is palpable. As they check out each others tattoos, they cant help but tumble into each others bodies. Phenix Saint works over Kennedy Carters holes – Phenix style. Kennedy took Phenixs cock with no abandon. He made sure to ride Phenix until they were both spent and covered with cockjuice.
Episode Four: Tommy Defendi Turk Ma Tommy shows up at an outcall to Turk Mas place. Tommy is a little taken aback about how young and attractive Turk actually is. Ever about brevity, Turk has no time to date or make nice. He likes to get right to business. Tommy takes the hint throws Turk on the bed and within seconds hes already found a new home for his big juicy thick cock. The fucking just goes on and on and at one point Tommy tells Turk – Im gonna put my cock in you again now and Im gonna fuck you even harder, ok?. As if poor Turks hole has any other choice but to take whats coming. The chemistry between these two was so strong that we had to have the paramedics on speed dial in case the fireworks burned the place down!
Episode Five: Tommy Defendi, Kennedy Carter, Phenix Saint, Ma Star, Turk Ma Marc Dylan Tommys dream of debuting his work to the art elite of NYC is solely dependent on satisfying top art savant, Marc Dylan. Though he exudes a cold and stony exterior, Marc is just muscle power bottom looking to get fucked by as many guys as possible. Tommy intends to deliver just that. He rounds up a group of the NYC friends and acquaintances to plow Marcs hole. He along with Kennedy, Phenix, Ma and Turk take turns sucking and fucking and blowing loads all over each other. Needless to say, Tommys debut was a success and Marcs hole hasnt been the same since.

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