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"Our second great film from director Jett Blakk, Mug Shots follows Slick (Scott Campbell), a petty thief whos trying to prove his innocence in a case with the help of a sexy mug shot photographer (Robbie Ireland). Also features a stellar performance by big-dicked Chad Hunt as the commissioner, and more! Seductive dialogue between accused Slick (Scott Campbell) and the photographer taking his mug shot (Robbie Ireland) leads to the release of both mens pent-up sex drive. Slick says he is innocent of killing the nations czar, when Robbie replies, "Im not a judge. I cant get you off." You can guess the response! Both men have beautiful, slim and toned bodies with hairy chests on display throughout the sucking and fucking. They flip flop in front of the mug shots wall and shoot hefty loads. Slick reveals that he invaded the czars house looking for evidence to blackmail the official with and caught the mans step-sons in bed together (Geoffrey Paine and Wolf Hudson)! And what passion these two have for each other whether its deep throating a cock or taking it up the ass, these two have chemistry on film that is hard to surpass. Two hot masculine men in bed sucking, kissing, licking, fucking and its all caught on this hidden tape along with the identity of the killer! Robbie goes to the scene of the crime in an attempt to recover the videotape. There are two guards he must pass to get inside the house, and after creating a small diversion, the guards (Markus Ram and Braxton Bond) wind up distracting themselves – licking ass, sucking dick and fucking. Especially hot is Markus Ram fucking Braxton Bond in several positions. The action outside the house allows Robbie to find the tape, but he is discovered and soon dodging bullets as he runs for his life! Robbie reviews the tape and sees that Slick is really innocent. He visits Commissioner Phillips (Chad Hunt) with the evidence, but his superior has a secretly recorded tape of his own. We get the patented Jett Blakk twist to the plot, and soon Slick must pay the price, soon finding himself in a room with a bag over his head. Commissioner Phillips is apparently willing to exact a bit of revenge with his monster-sized cock. Slick chokes on it before the Commish shoves his huge cock up Slicks ass, pounding him hard while he screams in pain and pleasure! Fierce and ferocious like youve never seen before!"

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Duration: 1:34:29
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