Cast: Coach Stone, Logan Cross
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Young Logan was shaking like a leaf when Coach Stone walked into the room. Logan was about as innocent as a boy could get. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about sex. In fact, he was desperate to try it, he’d just never been presented with the right opportunity. That was until he met Coach Stone… Stone was new and, upon arrival, had set about trying to find recruits for the team. He was looking for potential rather than experience, and spotted Logan’s natural physique as being full of potential. Coach Stone began to teach Logan as much as he could absorb, and the boy had rapidly become the team’s star player. The process of mentoring brought them close together and Logan soon began to confide in his coach, eventually disclosing that he was a virgin and his lack of sexual experience was beginning to make him lose confidence in pretty much every aspect of his life. They talked about it a great deal over a long period of time, during which Logan started to develop overwhelming feelings of desire for his handsome coach. Stone could tell the boy was falling for him and had to fight hard to suppress his own lustful thoughts. He was inexplicably drawn to the boy, and the more he fought his feelings, the more he wanted him.

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