Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I can’t believe it’s really taken this long to get Kellan and Zeb together. I really can’t believe this was their first time really meeting! The stars had just never aligned before, and these two were never available at the same time. Finally, though, we’re getting them paired up with one another now!

Kellan and Zeb were looking forward to this one even more than us! They’d seen one another on the site and knew of and about one another. They were aware this episode was a long time coming, and were intent on making the most of it!

With these two hot and hung guys, you know you’re in for some intense action. Kellan and Zeb knew they were in for some fun, also – Zeb could not wait to get Kellan’s dick in him, and Kellan was eager to drill Zeb’s hole and fuck a load out of (and in to!) him. I think Zeb was on the edge of orgasm the entire time he had Kellan pumping his hole, and eventually he’s blasting cum all over Kellan’s chest. Covered in Zeb’s cum, Kellan keeps pounding his ass until he matches Zeb’s load with his own – it’s just that Kellan chooses to shoot most of it deep up in to Zeb!

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