Release Year: 2007
Cast: Jay ,Michael Galletta
Genres: Ass-Eating ,First Times ,Interracial ,Older/Younger ,Oral-Only ,Straight Boy
Video language: English

When jay filmed his porn premiere, i suggested that he could make a lot more money if he was willing to do sexual things with another male on camera. At first he was extremely resistant to the idea. Like most young thugs from the streets, jay grew up in a violent, hyper-masculine culture that equates anything gay with weakness and femininity, so it sure as hell wasn’t easy persuading him to do this video. In fact, it was downright exhausting! But every straight thug has a price, and the instant i made him a generous offer, his mind started racing a mile a minute. He had to decide if the lure of quick cash was worth compromising his manhood and heterosexuality for a public audience. After several days of roller-coaster-ride discussions, late-night cold feet emails, and lots of give-and-take negotiating, jay finally agreed to appear in this video with me. And boy, was it worth it! Of course there were limits to how far jay was willing to go in his first action video, but i’m thrilled that he consented to do this much. If you’re looking for mutual, passionate lovemaking, this isn’t the movie for you. But if you’re turned on by the idea of watching every awkward, reluctant, spontaneous moment of a macho straight thug’s introduction to gay sex, then you will love this video! Jay displays the kind of nervousness, disgust, inexperience, and embarrassment in this video that just can’t be faked. With a beer in one hand and cigarette in another, jay tries to relax and not think about what he’s agreed to do later. It’s funny the way he constantly tries to remind the viewer that he’s straight. He talks about the taboo thrill of fucking white girls, bragging about the times he’s sneaked into the homes of rich daddy’s girls and fucked them while their clueless parents slept under the same roof. When jay shares how much it turns him on to watch straight girls eat pussy, i seize the moment as a perfect segue into a conversation about our behind-the-scenes negotiations and his reluctant agreement to do things with a guy on camera. From time to time throughout this conversation, i instruct jay to remove an item of clothing, until eventually his gorgeous body is revealed for us all to admire. Jay sits on my futon with his eyes clenched shut as my hands explore every inch of his body. His muscles tense defensively as i play with his nipples, fondle his balls, and finally get my first feel of his dick. Leaning over him from behind the futon, my hands roam greedily over his body. Then i flip him around so that i can grope his backside, paying special attention to his cute tempting butt. After pulling out the futon, i lie next to jay and continue touching his body. As my hands inspect his body, jay has a look on his face that seems to say, "i can’t believe i’m actually doing this!" he seems determined not to enjoy this sensual massage, but his dick has a mind of its own…Much to his surprise and embarrassment, i’m sure! Finally, i get my first taste of jay’s dick, something i’d been dying to do since first meeting jay several days earlier. As i worship his cock with my mouth, and hungrily suck on his balls, jay stares blankly at the ceiling, or drapes his arm over his eyes in embarrassment. Again, he seems almost comically determined not to enjoy….Or at least not show that he’s enjoying….This blowjob from another guy, but his dick has other ideas! I also nuzzle my face between jay’s butt-cheeks and feast on his tight virgin hole. As i get my first taste of this most private and forbidden part of jay’s body, his back muscles tighten and he winces with discomfort and embarrassment. "it feels wurrd,” jay mumbles. ”it don’t feel like nothin’.” Jay’s facial expressions alone are well worth the price of a bba membership! With the help of a generous amount of lube, i slowly push the tip of my index finger into jay’s stubbornly tight asshole. With barely an inch of my finger inside him, jay groans and grimaces like a woman giving birth. He nearly hyperventilates when i plunge my finger all the way in, and buries his face in the pillow to muffle his gasps of pain. I take it easy on him, but still manage to get some hot close-up shots of my finger pushing in and out of his ass.When i first met jay, i never dreamed the next part of this scene could ever happen! Jay pulls down my pants, shakes his head in disbelief, takes a deep breath, and places the tip of my dick between his lips…..

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Duration: 1:32:15
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2451kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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