Studio: Bait Buddies

The variety of guys who want to work in porn is just getting bigger and bigger as its become more acceptable. Weve seen from street people to dudes holding PhDs and from the sluttiest boy to now what we think is the most vanilla weve ever had in our straight guy Daniel. Like when Caruso asks if he ever fucked a girl in the ass, he answers no, thats very weird, very weird. Daniel is certainly going to pushed way over his normal limits today. He is the all American, apple pie guy from Ohio. Hes 31, 6 tall with blue eyes and close cropped hair and has a really nice 8 cock who likes to go trail biking. And, he tells us that until today, he didnt realize it was bigger than average – and hes drop serious about that. He quickly gets acquainted to another member of todays cast, our Bait dude Felix and is a little surprised since he thought hed be meeting some hot girl. Felix is a cute 22 year old guy with a nice build, hairy chest, a 7 cock and what he describes as pretty feet which he happily shows off. Hes moved to Ft Lauderdale for the beaches and ocean swimming. He loves the water and used to be a competitive long distance free style swimmer. Hes far from vanilla – he likes to suck cock, get fucked nice and hard and wait until you see him, at his own request, take a huge load of cum in his mouth and on his face! The boys have passed the boner test and Caruso returns empty handed – oh my, the girl didnt show once again. He offers the guys the alternative, go home broke or have sex with each other for double the dough. As soon as that sunk in, Daniel just says this is not what we agreed to – he lets us know hes not gay. At that point Felix pops in and says its only gay if you like it, which really made us all laugh. Go, you guessed it, Daniel gives in like most of them and agrees to do his best. Felix grabs his new buds big cock and starts stroking it and soon moves in to suck it – this is pretty shocking to a first timer like Daniel who jumps and says whoa, whats this, but then realizes a deal is a deal and sits back for Felix to continue. Daniel finally gets into it and even shoves Felix all the way down on his cock and then tells Caruso that no girl had ever done that for him. Caruso tells Daniel to return the favor and he went right at it, really trying to return the favor in the proper manner – later he tells Caruso that it wasnt as bad as he thought. The dudes stand up and Felix takes control and starts rubbing their cocks together. It almost seems like Daniel went into a trance with his eyes closed. Felix moves closer with his forehead now leaning again Daniels. And, he goes in for the kiss which Daniel accepted – seemingly still in this ecstatic trance. Its a pretty hot make out session between a first time straight guys and an experienced gay boy. Its time for fucking and Daniel wont even consider bottoming, but we all surmise that Felixs experienced, hot, horny hole is anxious to get going. We watch them go at it gy style, then to missionary. Felix wants to cum while getting fucked gy style, so the boys get in place, Daniel pummels his butt with his 8 dick and Felix shoots a really big, creamy load as he moans in pleasure. Now Daniel starts jack his meat and Caruso asks Felix where he wants the cum and he indicates right in his face. Felix opens his mouth, so we know where he really wants it and when Daniel busts, he gets a few strong bursts of hot thick cum right in his mouth, he licks his lips and swallows. After the boys are cleaned up, Caruso asked Daniel if hed do it again and he tells us, probably, but undecided… probably. We think he liked it – is that gay??? Not so vanilla anymore.

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