Cast: Cristo, Jerome
Genres: kissing, oral, sucking, 69, facial, cum, interracial

Jerome takes charge in this video. You can tell that Cristo has a passive vibe, and Jerome was eager to get started.

After peeling-off Cristo’s shorts, Jerome slides between his legs and jerks his buddy’s cock until he is fully hard. He then sucks Cristo’s dick, and Cristo looks a bit surprised at how good Jerome was doing.

They swap positions, this time Jerome gets his cock serviced by a pro.

The 69-suck too, and it looks like Cristo can deep throat. Jerome pulls Cristo’s head over the side of the bed and starts to face fuck him aggressively. Cristo can take it!

I wanted to take advantage of Cristo’s ability to cum while on his knees, so he straddles Jerome’s chest and easily blows his load into Jerome’s mouth, cum sliding down his tongue.

Next, Cristo gets on his knees so Jerome can give him a facial. It is a huge sticky load, filling his mouth and coating his chin.

Jerome leans forward and they share Jerome’s load with a tender kiss.

Total size: 2.2 GB in 2 files.

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