Jeremy Spreadums is gasping in anguish from the unrelenting, constant flogging by Felix Frost. “You are going to learn to do as you’re told,” Felix tells his pain slave. “But don’t worry, I have something even bigger for you,” he adds, referring to Jeremy allowing a butt-plug to fall from his asshole while being flogged. Moments later Felix is fucking his muscle boy with a 14-inch dildo – and whipping him at the same time. The flogging stops only after Felix’s arm gets too tied to continue. Then he starts to fuck the boy with the whip’s steel handle. Jeremy moans in agony as the steel gashes his rectum. Then the flogging continues. By the end Jeremy is a quivering, gasping mound of naked boy flesh bolted to a wall. “Master,” the exhausted, agonized slave says. “Please hurt me more.” Don’t worry, boy, your torture has just begun.

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