Brice and Axel are playing video games when Brice warns him that his stepdad might be coming home from work in a few minutes and that he’s a little weird. Axel doesn’t understand what he means by weird. Johnny comes in and is mesmerized by Axel’s buff body. They both lock eyes with each other when Axel decides to get up and get some water. Johnny see’s the opportunity and takes it. He pushes Axel against the fridge and starts to passionately make out with him. Axel freaks out because Brice is sitting right there on the couch. Johnny tells him not to worry about his stepson and then starts to suck his dick. Brice turns around and realizes what’s happening. His stepdad always does this with all of his friends. Johnny decides that maybe this time Brice can join in. After some convincing, Brice starts to make out with Axel while his stepdad sucks his dick. They all start to blow each other before finally having sex. Johnny takes it in the ass from both Axel and Brice.

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