Jack is lucky to have a as attentive and caring as Lance. The older man is not only handsome and charming, but he knows quite a lot. Jack wants to soak up as much knowledge from him as possible. Even before he lost his virginity to him, Jack looked up to more than most other men in his life! And now that they have a new, special bond, he knows he can go to him with anything. When Jack started applying for jobs, he was nervous about how to present himself. He was a little shy and unsure of himself around older, more successful people. So to get some advice, he went to his ’s office on how to best prepare for an interview. Given Lance’s success, he was sure that the older man would know just what to say. Whenever Jack visited his ’s office, he was always impressed with the way people regarded him. His employees treated Jack like he was a prince because he was the grandson of the boss. And they had nothing but wonderful things to say about his . Jack was overcome with a sense that Lance was important and powerful and that his time was incredibly valuable… which made visiting him all the more special. Jack stepped into Lance’s office, seeing the handsome man behind his desk, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit and looking like a total boss. Jack couldn’t help but find him incredibly sexy, albeit intimidating in his place of business. But his face lit up brightly when he saw his grandson, similarly dressed in a dress shirt and tie. He was instantly proud of him and happy to see him, telling his secretary to block off his schedule for a while. Jack blushed, trying not to embarrass himself, but all Lance could do was look at him and gush. He walked him through some simple interview etiquette things such as proper eye contact, a confident handshake, and being intimately familiar with his resume should any questions arise. The businessman in Lance was strong and sure, but Jack felt like he was wearing a costume and pretending to be someone else. Lance could see Jack was a little unsure of himself. His insecurity was manifested both in his demeanor and the crooked way he tied his tie. Lance stood up and came in close to correct his accessory, standing mere inches away from the young man who bred him not long before. Jack’s pulse quickened as he felt his gently pull him in by his tie. It wasn’t intended to be sexual, but the proximity of the older man was enough to send a burst of energy to the boy’s loins. He remembered how good the older man felt against his body, even wrapped around his cock. It was impossible not to think of it being that close again. Lance could feel Jack getting aroused. Not only was his breathing changing, but a noticeable rise in his pants resulted from the correction of his tie. “What’s that about?” Lance asked playfully, looking into the boy’s eyes and seeing his hunger for more. Lance liked knowing Jack wanted him, but more than going in on his own, he wanted to tease it out of the young man. Jack said he was just nervous. Lance smiled. “Well, if this happens when you’re nervous, we’ll have to take care of it before your interview…” Lance dropped to his knees, pulling out the boy’s cock, feeling it surge with youthful desire in his grip. It was still fresh and exciting for him to handle his grandson’s member, knowing how easily it could have never happened. He didn’t take it for granted, but he couldn’t hide his ravenous hunger for it. Jack looked down as the handsome, powerful, successful older man devoured his cock. It felt so good, but it also gave him a boost of confidence. This man could have anything he wanted, and what he wanted more than anything else at that moment was him. It made him feel good. More than good. It made him feel secure. Lance stood up to give his boy a kiss. Jack’s lips pressed against his ’s feeling the soft feeling of his well groomed silver beard. He smelled expensive and rich while also still possessing his familiar warmth. Jack began to unbutton Lance’s shirt, taking off his jacket and pulling off his belt. As he stripped away the fine clothing, he revealed the beautiful, muscular frame of the older man, covered in silver hair, tanned skin, and bold tattoos that made him look superhuman. Jack was in awe of him. He was like a god. And he worshipped him. Falling to his knees as if in reverence, Jack took out the older man’s cock, taking it into his mouth with the same hunger that his showed him. He loved being able to taste and smell the tool of the patriarch. He knew this was special. Lance felt an immense sense of pride in his grandson. He loved him no matter what, but feeling his soft lips wrapped around his tool was a pleasure unlike anything else. He would do anything for him. But as Jack got him harder and harder, he knew the inevitable was coming. Right then and there, in his office, He was going to have to breed him…

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