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When it comes to sex — to the hot, the horny, the humpy, and the hungry — there’s not much Studio 2000 International doesn’t know. Now, add to this equation an all-new cast, a new director Janos Kodaly, and brand-new locations in Hungary and you’ve got Loaded For Action, a video filled to the brim with edible, euro-enticements. Ten sexy men in (and out of) uniforms are what it’s all about. In a challenge match, hot teams of horny Hungarian troopers are out to practice maneuvers, shooting one another with paint guns. If you think their weapons of combat are exciting wait until you see their weapons of lust cocked and ready to fire.
The super-scrumptious cast includes hunkster Andras Molnar, glam-boy Hector Jordan, beefy Chris Omar, toughie Tamas Gregor, boyish babe Jozsef Pal, super-sexed Vito Silvano, brunet beauty Marcus Hahn, adorable Hubert Uriel, bottom babe Istvan Gulyas, and dreamy Zoltan Kincses. You remember the old query, “Where’s the Beef”? The beef is right here, and if you are hungry for Hungarian prime uncuts, dig into Loaded For Action.
Sex is clearly what’s on everyone’s mind and Loaded For Action wastes little time getting to the good stuff. The macho military maneuvers naturally have all the guys horned up. Hunks Andras Molnar and Chris Omar are sitting around their living room when Omar puts in a call to gorgeous Hector Jordan. Before you can say “Hungarian goulash,” the three of them are in the next room and Molnar is alternating between sucking Jordan’s joint and servicing Omar’s organ. Then, oralist Omar trades places with Molnar to sample his pals’ pricks. He likes the taste and the texture. Talented bottom Omar is soon bouncing up and down, asshole spread wide, riding Jordan’s cock, while continuing to suck Molnar’s mast. Tee-shirted Jordan just fucks the blue blazes out of Omar. Then Molnar takes his shot at Omar’s ass, and all three blast their batter like they had been saving it for months.
Target practice is the game for delicious Tamas Gregor and ultra-handsome Jozsef Pal. But it sure takes more than the targets drawn on the wall to make them hit their bull’s eyes. Back in their dorm, cute Vito Silvano turns out to be a tantalizing target. Next thing you know, Silvano is on his knees between pretty Pal and gorgeous Gregor, alternating between their two big guns. But that isn’t all: soon perky Pal is slamming sleek Silvano, and then trades off to Gregor who is equally at home pounding the dark-haired bottom. Silvano bouncing up and down on prone Pal’s pistol is indeed provocative. All three explode but Silvano’s release is a real gusher. An enraptured Pal counters by giving Silvano a fabulous facial and then tasting his own jizz.
The next scene features lanky lads Marcus Hahn and Hubert Uriel. Talk about Hungarian hotties! These two are smooth and ultra-adorable and as an added bonus Uriel’s joint is completely shaved. They perform dick-in-mouth magic that is yet another form of target practice. And does practice ever make perfect! They take turns sucking and slurping on each other’s big, uncut boners like two men on a mission. The long-distance loads they jack off will be a source of inspiration and emulation for all viewers.
After a war game with those paint-loaded rifles, torrid Tamas Gregor claims his victory by popping his prick between muscular Istvan Gulyas’ luscious lips. Half-in and half-out of their uniforms, they go at it in a forest setting, which further enhances this tempestuous tongue treatment. But it’s when humpy Gregor bangs Gulyas’ horny hole up against a tree that the drill gets serious. To moans and groans, the now-naked action gets brutal, and you can tell, both bottom and top love it. Gregor slams his jumbo juicestick into Gulyas in the missionary position on the ground and Gulyas simply cannot get enough. Deep, hard-driving strokes penetrate a wide-open butthole. If there are any doubts about the intensity of the action check out the giant gobs of gunk the two spew.
The war games won, two of the boys take their two prisoners back to an indoor pool to extract their prize. The gorgeous captors are Jozsef Pal and Hector Jordan — who we’ve seen earlier and gladly feast our eyes on again. These two heavenly hunks are the tops who take control of their bottoms/captives Zoltan Kincses and Marcus Hahn. Both Hahn and Kincses prove to be champion cocksuckers and bodacious bottoms. You will especially love the butt-banging, ass-eating daisy chain. Finally Hahn and Kincses sit down on Jordan’s and Pal’s perfect peckers and take their punishment like men. They take every inch offered and ride the rods like stallions. Spooge flies everywhere with the bottoms being treated to cum in the face. Pal pops his pistol in Hahn’s face and Jordan does the same for his partner, Kincses. Naturally, both the bottoms respond by covering their own abs with joyjuice.
In true Studio 2000 International tradition Loaded For Action is loaded with as good a group of Hungarian hunks as you will see anywhere on earth. Director Janos Kodaly brings his own special touch to this awesomely erotic endeavor. There is no question that Loaded For Action will make you unload your cum-gun over and over again.

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