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Comparing cock sizes is something that young men have done since time immemorial – a fact that director, Vlado Iresch, put to excellent use in this classic scene featuring Andrew Shut and the oversized beauty, Johny Hunter. Mind, we’re still not exactly sure what publication Shut was quoting from when he tells his mate that the average European penis is 15cms; but it’s unlikely that anyone’s gonna be bothering to check up on the source of the quote once Hunter has got his mammoth shaft out.
The fact is that this king-sized monster is way above the so-called “average”; and it’s little wonder that Shut quickly chooses to engulf the thick, swollen bell-end with his hungry lips. After all, what other response would you possibly expect? Not that Shut’s juicy young ramrod is something anyone would dismiss lightly, of course; but it’s clear from the very moment that Shut’s handsome dick makes an appearance as to which cock is going to be the centre of attention here.
A fact that’s quickly underlined when Shut plonks himself down on the said knob and rides it cowboy-style for all that he’s worth – quickly spunking the contents of his balls as a result! For Hunter, however, there’s still plenty of fuel left in the tank, as he proceeds to sodomise his sweet-faced pal for all he’s worth; eventually culminating in him (quite literally!) jizzing Shut in the eye, in a style that’s arguably sometimes sadly lacking in so much modern action. All in all, a definite classic in every sense!

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