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The term “eager bottom” is often over used. Butt absolutely not in this case! Our hot little buddy Jason is one of the horniest moaning bottoms we’ve ever fucked. When we first met him, he was working at our local grocery store and he was always full of smiles. Jason would always go out of his way to say hello to us. He looked like a typical straight boy so we thought nothing of it. Then, one day when we were checking out, Jason was leaning over the counter and looking our way with a big smile and a BIG bulge. He was discreetly pressing his obvious hard cock against the counter top. When he realized we were looking right at him, he turned beet red and turned away. I knew we had to see what he was all about. After several casual conversations in the following weeks we learned that Jason was bisexual, but leaning more towards the gay ways, lol. Turns out that Jason loves to bottom and has been a secret fan of ours for a while. We invited him to do a video and he was Very Excited to become a part of our site. Two weeks later, Jason came over during a snow storm and we fucked him into next week. He is such a hot, eager bottom. He moaned and begged us to fuck him harder and faster. Leave some love for Jason under this post to encourage him to come back and share that sweet ass and big cock with us (and you) again! xoxo Cole and Hunter

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