Angelo is in good shape and I enjoy watching him slowly undress before my hungry eyes.

I feel up his fit taut body whilst he’s handcuffed to the ceiling of my den. He also has a great tasting cock which gets hard after some suck action.

Angelo tries to show restraint and calm whilst I tickle him, but this soon evaporates into the horny atmosphere when I start working his ass. He gasps and groans when he gets rimmed and makes even more noise when I start using fingers and toys.; he really does start to sweat! Although Angelo didn’t gamble the belting forfeit, I give him it anyone, leaving some nice red stripes on his pert ass.

Angelo proves to be a terrific cock sucker. However, he does not seem as proficient at taking a fucking. He wants to just slide my cock up his ass, keep it still and wriggle. I have to teach him how to have sex properly and take it like a good sub. I get him to slide his ass up and down my cock in a controlled and rhythmic manner. I get a kick out of making him fuck in a way that pleases me, not him, regardless of how humiliating it is for him.

It’s not difficult milking Angelo, but he seems to get all nervous. I have to tell him to relax and not be embarrassed just before his cum explodes out of his cock. This is followed by me ejaculating over his wide open mouth. He’s already proved to be good with his mouth, so I’m curious to see how much is going to go in and stay in!

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