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The path to spiritual enlightenment can be a long and winding one – as Dick Casey and Sven Laarson discover (quite literally) in the opening moments of this terrific coupling. But whilst a brisk autumnal walk can be uplifting to the soul, it doesnt for one minute compare to the joy that can be gained from some hard-hitting ass action – and, lets face it, thats exactly what these two horny twinks have got in the mind from the start.
As such, it only takes Casey the most casual of glances to tease the priestly Laarson away from his study of scripture; and before you know it the two sons of the Church are enjoying some intense studies of human biology, as they take turns to suck on each others hard dicks like a pair of over-sexed honchos. Laarson, in particular, cant seem to get enough of Caseys handsome ramrod; though its not too long before the fellow has worked his attention towards his mates hungry ass and is giving Casey the kind of full-on rimming that we arguably dont see enough of.
A few moments later and the fellow is pounding Casey raw; before the two guys go for a much-welcomed flip-flop so that Laarsons own pucker can get to feel some of the love in that room! Eager to experience another rush, however, Caseys soon repositioned himself onto his God-buddys dick, riding its length like nature intended. No fucking wonder that both boys are soon squirting like geysers – Casey all over Laarsons face and Laarson over his own belly. Fuckin fantastic!!

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