Release Year: 2010
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Monster Bang
Cast: Derrek Diamond, Jason Crew, Conner Habib, Christian Wilde, Element Eclipse, Alexsander Freitas, Ethan Roberts, Ryan Patrick
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Freshmen to Late 20s, Handsome, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Masturbation Solo, Latino Men in the Cast, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes

There is nothing quite as sexy as a garage. This is where you find sweaty, grease-covered mechanics hard at work fixing up cars and trucks. It’s as blue collar as it gets – the smell, the sounds, the images one brings away from a visit to the automotive shop are about as butch as it gets. These guys know how to use their tools. Diamond Auto is run by Raging Stallion’s, Derrek Diamond, but he is not a very good boss. His employees are out of control and spend more time fucking off than fixing fuel pumps. These guys prefer stroking cock to oiling pistons! Diamond Auto is, of course, the favorite garage of San Francisco’s gay motorists – and this movie explains it all! Derrek, in his first feature film starring role, opens the movie with a spectacular performance in a pairing with Alexsander Freitas – one of the hottest new stars in the business. The scene opens with Alex flexing his rock-star eight pack – these abs are the best we have ever seen. Derrek can’t resist and is on his knees in seconds! The blow job thates next is probably the best oral sex filmed so far in 2010 – it’s that good. Director Chris Ward himself was astounded – this is long, uninterrupted dick sucking at its best. Thenes the fucking. If you have never seen Alex fuck, then you are in for a shocking surprise. This man is a fucking animal – few bottoms can take his relentless 800 MPH pounding – it’s difficult for Derrek, but he takes it. This scene is a sure fire bet for a best sex scene nomination! Next up is Ja Crew and Ethan Roberts. Ethan is somewhat of a newer, a young stud with a nice cock who likes to get fucked in difficult (but revealing) positions. Ja Crew, on the other hand, has been around the proverbial porn block many times. The thing about Ja, however, is that he is now in his late 20s and every time we shoot him, he looks better and better. He is a sure-fire bet to be Colin Farrell’s body double – he is that good looking. It’s his face, his eyes, his lightly hairy chest, and his giant, six foot long cock (okay, a slight exaggeration – but it’s a very big cock). Ethan takes a classic pounding worthy of the best Monster Bang scenes of the past. How do these guys take this much meat up their ass holes? Obviously the lube budget at Diamond Auto is pretty big! The scene ends with an excellent facial cum shot, but only after many over-the-top fuck positions! What kind of guy has the name Element? Well, how about a youngish, eleven inch fuck stud with an attitude? Element makes his Raging Stallion debut here when he fucks Ryan Patrick’s massive holes (both of them – mouth and ass). This is major meat – as big as cocks get, and red-head Ryan can barely take it down his throat. This scene is about gagging – it’s almost S & M, it’s so brutal. Element basically Ryan’s mouth and throat – the guy actually got his vocal chords injured shooting this scene! After Ryan cannot take any more, Element throws him on a pile of old tires in the back of a black pickup truck and fucks the shit out of him. This is another round of Monster Bang quality fucking with huge cocks and open holes – it’s what porn is all about! For a brief interlude between these exhausting scenes, we give you some private time with Christian Wilde. Christian, a hot, blond, tattooed superstar who has hit the porn world like a meteor on a mission, stops working on a car to work on himself. It’s a nice, short whack off that allows you to see Christian’s wonderful body – he is classically stunning, especially when he is jacking off! Christian is known for his massive cum shots that spurt from his oversized cock – a perfect way to end his solo. The next scene we present is a three way featuring Christian Wilde, Derrek Diamond, and Conner Habib. The scene starts with just Conner and Christian, two sex pigs devouring each other. They are quickly joined by Derrek Diamond, who takes control (except when he is getting fucked or sucking dick – aren’t bosses supposed to be tops?). Major fucking is followed by major cum shots – another award-quality scene from Raging Stallion Studios. Derrek Diamond is one of the best porn stars in the business – and this movie features him better than any of his previous films. For fans of Derrek Diamond, big dicks, and relentless power-fucking, this movie is a must own!

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Duration: 1:59:10
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Audio: 125kbps

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