Cast: Dawson ,Quinn
Video language: English

Dawson heard that new guy Quinn likes dick. Dawson is more than ready to help Quinn out and give him some of his! First, Dawson wants to see what Quinn is packing. He kisses Quinn and gets off his shirt. While helping Quinn with his socks, he focuses his attention on Quinn’s feet. Dawson licks them up and down, then kisses and sucks Quinn’s toes. Dawson kisses Quinn’s tight, smooth chest. He works his way down to Quinn’s thighs, then pulls one ball out from his underwear and sucks on it. Dawson loves to experiment with new ways of doing things (and with new guys!). Quinn moans in ecstasy as Dawson blows him and plays with his balls. Quinn returns the favor and takes Dawson’s hot cock deep down his throat. Dawson bends over him to 69 him. Quinn can’t get enough of Dawson’s dick. Dawson swallows Quinn to the root, and plays with his nuts some more. Pushing Quinn’s legs over his head, Dawson eats out that tight hole. He strokes Quinn’s cock as he tongues Quinn’s ass. Spitting on his own cock, Dawson slides it between Quinn’s ass cheeks, teasing Quinn’s hole with the head of his cock. Quinn begs for more and Dawson gives it to him. Dawson rims him again, then slams his cock all the way into him. Both guys are moaning with pleasure, loving the way Dawson’s cock feels in Quinn’s tight ass. Dawson pounds into Quinn. “Oh, your ass is so good!” Dawson exclaims. He jackhammers Quinn, who strokes his cock furiously. Dawson holds Quinn’s legs apart as he fucks him hard. He gets into a push-up position so he can piledrive his cock into Quinn. Quinn rubs Dawson’s chiseled lats and ass as he gets fucked. He moans over and over, “Fuck me, yeah, fuck me!” Dawson kisses him as he fucks the lean-muscled Quinn even harder. Dawson tells Quinn to ride him. Quinn takes every inch while riding Dawson in a reverse-cowboy. “I’m so far up inside you!” Dawson says. He drills up into Quinn, slamming into him balls-deep. Quinn tells him he can take it even harder, so Dawson gives him what he needs! Flipping over to doggy-style, Quinn jerks his cock as Dawson rams his dick into him. They watch themselves in the mirror, and the sight turns them on even more. Quinn can’t hold back. He blasts an intense load, thick cum spraying all over his stomach. Dawson kisses him, then tells Quinn to suck him off. Quinn sucks a huge load out of Dawson! It shoots across Quinn’s cheek and Quinn struggles to suck every drop he can out of Dawson. Dawson helps him out, using his dick to wipe the cum off Quinn’s cheek and into his mouth. “You can suck a dick!” Dawson exclaims. “And not a drop wasted!” As a little bonus, we go behind the scenes at the photo shoot, watching Dawson and Quinn as they run through some shots and have a little fun. Note to future models – be careful of Dawson’s sensitive nipples!

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