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Things had been awkward between Elder Holland and Elder Oaks since their last encounter.
After getting caught pleasuring one another by President Nelson, Elder Holland received some harsh discipline. His companion on the other hand, was “spared the rod” being the son of President Oaks. Elder Holland exacted his revenge on Elder Oaks’ tight ass and hot mouth, mercilessly fucking him, using him as his personal fuck toy until he was satisfied he had been properly punished.
The days that followed were filled with angst and sexual frustration as the boys went about their missionary duties. Secretly Elder Oaks was longing to taste his companions cock again and feel Holland’s huge member plowing into his hungry hole.
For his part, Elder Holland continued to masturbate every day while his companion was showering, thinking about getting his oversized dick worked over by Elder Oaks.
Elder Holland was still recovering from having his own ass opened up during his Setting Apart with President Oaks. He couldn’t believe the juxtaposition he was feeling of wanting to be in control of his companion, but succumbing to the pleasure of having his hole opened up by his church leaders and submitting to their will, both equally excited him.
As they began to get dressed for the day Elder Holland sat on the bed watching his companion. Images of his girlfriend back home flashed through his mind, but he couldn’t stop looking at Elder Oaks soft, wet lips. His balls ached at the memory of feeling his dick down the back of Elder Oaks’ throat. And even though he knew that he still liked girls, he couldn’t deny that his contact with the Brethren had awakened new sexual desires.
And having only his hand to help him the last few weeks, he was ready to pounce on his companion.
By the time the boys are ready to leave, Elder Holland decided he was taking charge and ending the charade they had been playing.
“We don’t need to go out today. Come sit next to me.”
Elder Oaks sits down, nervous for what his companion has in mind. Elder Holland wasted no time to begin tasting Elder Oaks sweet lips, gently kissing his companion. Elder Oaks can’t keep his hands off of Elder Holland’s engorged cock through his dress pants.
Down to their garments, Elder Holland unleashes his rock hard erection from his underwear and Oaks eyes practically light up with lust and desire to get it into his mouth.
But wanting to show his remorse for how he treated his companion last time, Elder Holland has another idea in mind. He removes Elder Oaks’ garments, gently lays him back, and drops to his knees.
“I wanted to say I was sorry…”
Looking directly into his companion’s eyes, he opens his mouth and begins to slowly swallow Elder Oaks’ swollen dick. This was definitely going to be a much better way to spend the day…

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