Bill Dough enters his house after a long day at work wearing an open button down shirt, a wife beater, jeans, and flip flops. He kicks off his shoes and takes off his shirt, staring in (understandable) awe at his ripped torso. He heads back to his bed where he flops face-down on the white sheets. A moment passes and then he gets the idea to relax the best way he knows how–stroking that beautiful cock of his. Bill is seriously gorgeous, with five o’clock stubble and washboard abs. He rubs his dick through white Calvin Klein briefs then pulls down his underwear for a view of his long, lean dick and perfect round balls. Bill jerks his cock in a circular motion, cupping his balls in the other hand. His neatly trimmed bush leads up to quivering abs. He gyrates, humping the air, and if you’re a hot blooded male like me, you’re longing to be straddling this hunk. Bill turns on some straight porn for entertainment and his cock grows longer and longer. Licking his lips, Bill slwoly caresses his purple-headed prick. The scene ends with him bringing himself to a gooey climax amidst the sounds of his very manly, very sexual grunts and groans. Although Bill uses no toys or props or other people, this is still one of the hottest videos I’ve seen–Bill is hunky in that corporate kind of way with the body of a pool boy and the cock of, well, a porn star.

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Duration: 20:43
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