Cast: Cameron Long
Video language: English

Cameron may be one of the hottest models we’ve ever had–and one of the most enthusiastic. We love those Asian boys who can hardly wait to strip off their clothes and see what comes up!We met Cameron at a party in a San Francisco suburb where the inevitable question came up: What do you do for a living? Cameron is a student and software programmer while we admitted to being pornographers, specializing in creating video and photos of gorgeous Asian men. Imagine our surprise when Cameron volunteered that he had been thinking about doing porn and would love to work with us. We nearly dropped our plate of spanakopita and bacon-wrapped scallops!We chose the beautiful Oakland Hills for our shoot a few weeks later and Cameron was game as we headed uphill with a picnic basket and cameras. We soon had him on a blanket with grapes and wine and invited him to relax and jack off. After a little nervousness, he obliged us.Chinese-American Cameron has a simply stunning body, half-boy and half-man with gorgeous shape and style. He has a fat, long dick with a crotch as smooth as the rest of his nearly hairless body. He enjoyed showing off both that dick and his handsome ass, even poking a finger or two deep inside. When Cameron was good and ready, he let his load sail as we watched in pleasure and admiration.We plan to invite Cameron back and introduce him to one of our other new friends on camera of course!

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