Studio: ChaosMen

Everett posed an interesting challenge for me. He and his little step were both interested in doing a video together or even get tag teamed for a blow job. Like some models that have tatts, jewelry, and piercings (even their cock’s pierced), I usually try to limit ‘accessories’ so the focus is on the guy. But Everett has a body mod that couldn’t be removed. No, that’s not a boil, or a cyst, but a glass bead sewn into his foreskin. Yeah. That’s different. Now when I heard about it, I thought, hmmmm..ok, well not sure if there is market for that, but he and his step sounded actually excited to work together, and maybe the glass bead would be something..different. I dunno. I think it is a tough sell, and even Everett says the girl’s either love it or dislike it. His step ‘s solo airs next week. He is five years younger (and looks way younger than 20) and has a lean small frame, and an uncut dick, sans the glass bead. Everett is a bit nervous during his solo, but he nuts quickly and easily, and I figured, ‘Sweet!’ The oral video we have planned for the next day would be easy (and it wasn’t just easy, it was amazing!)So hang tight for his ‘lil bro next week, and then they both seriously amp it up with for a super hot Serviced video!

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Duration: 11:08
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Audio: 249kbps

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