I decided to keep with the bad boy theme with Hayden working with some of the rougher dudes.

Curtis is still working though his limits, and I am glad to see him actually eagerly sucking dick and staying hard while doing it. Though he doesn’t bottom this video, he has made peace with the idea and his next video will be a flip-flop video.

Hayden would prefer to top, but knows he is more versatile (and fucking him can make him cum) so he is pretty easy going about it.

We attempt to spoon, which I dunno if it is just not a good position go guy-on-guy, (other videos with ‘pros’ seem to struggle with it too) but Curtis gives it his best.

Hayden eventually rides Curtis’s cock, and we finally get some piston-like action!

Finally we move into Hayden getting fucked doggy-style, which I believe is his favorite position for nutting.

As for Curtis, I got a nice undershot cumshot as he breeds Hayden.

Two tough guys with a touch of tenderness followed by some hard core fucking!

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