Cast: Carson ,Doug
Video language: English

You know when things start off in the shower,they’re only going to get dirtier as we go along! Today’s no exception as buff freshman Carson walks in on new guy Doug as he rinses off. Things get heated up quickly and not even a cold shower is going to cool things off! Doug has a lightly furry chest and some scruff on his face. It’s an attractive contrast to Carson’s smooth, thick pecs and clean-shaven features. Carson’s letting his hair grow out and he looks sexier than ever. Doug soaps Carson up in between kisses. Carson’s dick is rock hard. He lathers up Doug’s back, then slides his hand down to Doug’s soapy crack. Doug pinches Carson’s wet nipple. They shut off the water and Doug kisses his way down to Carson’s stiff cock. He sucks Carson’s dick. Doug licks the head and shaft, and goes all the way down on Carson. He licks Carson’s nuts and starts swallowing his dick again. Carson fucks Doug’s face, then bends him over to eat out his ass. Carson strokes his cock as he sticks his tongue into Doug’s hole. He lubes up his dick and slides his thick cock into Doug’s ass. Doug moans as Carson pumps his ass. Doug looks over his shoulder so he can see Carson pounding his ass. Doug gets on his back so Carson can drill him in the missionary position. Carson tells him how good it feels. Carson fucks Doug faster, slamming his cock all the way inside. Then, Carson slows down, thrusting slowly into Doug, then speeds up again. Doug says he’s going to come. He strokes his cock and jerks out a big load that flies up over his shoulder, as well as splattering all over his stomach. Carson pulls out and jerks his dick. He blows an insane load that showers Doug with cum from his cheek all the way down to his cock. I know Carson is a big shooter, but this is nuts! Doug is literally drenched in cum. The guys kiss, and I’m sure Carson can taste his own cum as they kiss. Carson says it’s time for another shower … but I bet Doug would like another cum shower!

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Duration: 18:45
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