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Shows the audience his cum soaked hole. Colby goes off screen. Taylor remains on his back. Finn’s tool replaces Mickey’s, who sits next to his guests enjoying the show. Finn strokes Taylor’s tool as he pounds. He maneuvers Taylor to the side. That’s when Mickey’ shoots. A stream of cum strikes him right in the eye! The rest splatters on his chest and stomach. He puts his face close to the camera, showing the audience his sweat and cum covered face. There’s even a drop of man juice on an eyelash. He goes off screen to clean up. Finn and Taylor remain. Taylor’s legs go in the air and Finn starts to pound home. He pulls out, placing his sumptuous cake on Taylor’s face. He then leans down, devouring Taylor’s meat. He pops a massive load staring at Finn’s hole. The first outburst lands on top of Finn’s butt. The rest is deposited inside Finn. Taylor fucks Finn. Finn’s tool explodes, splattering cum on the sofa. "Now I got to clean the damn couch again," Mickey jokes as the scene closes.

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