Studio: Fun Size Boys

While everyone else goes out for Black Friday shopping, Austin and Dr. Wolf are the only ones left in the house. Feeling anxious with nothing to do and not wanting to wake up his handsome host, the young boy straps on an apron and gets to cleaning the kitchen that had prepared their delicious Thanksgiving feast.
Dr. Wolf hears the water running in the kitchen, curious to know who else is up and about. He sees just who the good worker is — and to his amusement, he finds him wearing nothing but an apron! The tall man walks up to Austin, feeling aroused and adventurous given their unique situation. Dr. Wolf loves the idea of fulfilling a longstanding fantasy of his; having a tiny house boy service his cock while cleaning his house!
He lifts up the boys apron, feeling his tiny butt and tight hole, eager to bend him over the sink and fuck him right there! As Austin continues to clean, he can feel Dr. Wolf stroke his hard cock up against him, preparing to penetrate his little body.
Dr. Wolf towers over Austin as his cock grows hard against the boys back. Austin reaches behind him, stroking and caressing it as it swells to its full power. Unable to restrain himself further, Dr. Wolf pushes in deeper, sliding his cock between the boys cheeks, and breaking through the seal of his tight little hole!
Austin grips the edge of the counter, feeling the tall man fill him deep with his raw cock. He wants it badly; moaning into the dishes as Dr. Wolf grabs onto his tiny hips. With every bounce of his pounding, Austin can feel the hard invasion of his hosts massive cock, aching to feel him fill his insides with his hot seed!

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