Release Year: 2008
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Aaron James, Dakota Rivers, Jason White, Jesse Santana, Riley Burke, Rocco, Rod Daily, Wolf Hudson
Genres: Oral, anal , big cocks , anal toys , youth

Cover model Aaron James – who was featured in MTV’s TrueLife reality series – is on the prowl, cruisin ‘the streets of Los Angeles in his black convertible looking for some butt to fuck. Watch as he pounces and perates butt after butt, and then is to give up his own tight ass to street boy Wolf Hud. Jesse Santana and five other willing butts try to satisfy the demanding James. Also featuring muscle boy Rocco in his debut.
Aaron is out cruising around and searching for some butt to play with. Jesse and Roccoe walking down the street. Rocco turns him down, but Jesse is all for it. He jumps in the car and the two head to Aaron’s place. Walking toward the house, they stop just long enough for Aaron to pull Jesse’s jeans down to check out the goods. He’s excited about what he sees and grabs himself a quick lick or two. When they arrive at the apartment, Aaron’s roommate Rod Daily is there and quickly joins the party. A little Uze Lube on the fingers, and the roommates work over Jesse’s hole, grabbing his ass and inserting lubed fingers. A black butt pluges into play to open him up.
Aaron and Rod work back and forth sucking on Jesse from the rear, all the while leaving the butt plug inserted. Jesse sucks on Rod while Aaron concentrates on Jesse’s ass. Aaron disappears to let Rod go at Jesse full blast. Soon he is fucking Jesse doggie-style. Rod finally takes his shirt off and Jesse gets naked. They go at it again with Rod pounding Jesse’s butt. Then they flip-flop and Jesse rims Rod. He loves to lick ass as Rod jacks off. A little more Uze in just the right place, and Jesse pushes his thick dick into Rod. He alternates jacking Rod with Rod jacking himself off while he fucks him missionary. Rod jacks off and cums. Jesse lubes his dick again and Rod jacks him off until he shoots.
Insatiable Aaron next picks up Wolf Hud. He goes through the routine again of checking out his new hottie’s hole, and obviously likes what he sees. They stop off in a private garden to make it. Aaron pulls Wolf’s pants down and rims him, kneeling on a chaise. He goes down on his well-hung catch to give him a great blow job. Wolf then gets Aaron’s pants down to sucks on him. Aaron then moves to suck on Wolf again. When ites to going further, they grapple over who’s going to fuck whom. Wolf wins top honors (or Aaron does – depending on one’s point of view), and he pounds Aaron’s ass. Aaron clamps his teeth down on his neck chain to help accept Wolf’s big, thick dick up his ass. Eventually, Aaron gets used to it and even likes it. He sits on Wolf’s dick, with Wolf lying back on the chaise and driving it in deep. Wolf jacks him off as he bounces up and down. Aaron can’t take it any more and cums. Wolf slams him and then juices it all over Aaron, who is jacking off again. A wink from Aaron to the camera ends the scene.
Aaron drives up to Rocco again, but he isn’t interested in "oing home with Aaron – unless Aaron will let him drive his Mustang. "Deal!" But when he gets to Aaron’s place, he reneges. "There’s no way!" But Aaron did let the big fellow drive his car! Wavering, Rocco takes his shirt off, and then his pants. Aaron’s very patient and takes off his shirt while watching him. Rocco plays with his dick in his underwear, hesitant to expose himself. Aaron’s hard dick is out and he’s naked. Rocco relents and takes his big dick out of his shorts. Aaron wants to suck on it. Rocco takes his shorts off and flexes his body for Aaron to admire. He jacks off for the admiring Aaron, who now wants Rocco to fuck his ass. Rocco tells him, "If you were a woman, I’d be all up in there!" Aaron begs him again but it’s still "No!" Rocco cums, dropping a big load on Aaron’s ass. Aaron massages it around his buns and hole.
Aaron hits on Ja White and once again, he checks out his ass. Nothing wrong there, so he drags him home, where sandy-haired and muscular Dakota is discovered. Aaron can’t wait to show him his prize. He exposes Ja’s ass by having him enter backward and pull down his pants. Dakota need no coaxing, and the two do some "ass-miration" worship of Ja’s buns. Ja then gets up and goes for Dakota’s big dick to suck, as Aaron fingers and licks his hole. Ja’s well-endowed, too. He stands up on the sofa so Dakota can have a chance to suck on his huge dick. Aaron’s right in there watching and touching Ja. He has a turn sucking on it. Dakota and he go back and forth on Ja. Aaron deep throats and chokes on Ja’s monster, but he keeps right on going. Dakota moves around behind Ja to take in the view. Aaron spreads his friend’s ass to show it off.
Dakota moves in, sheathed and lubed for action, and pushes his dick in to fuck. Aaron decides again to leave and let them go at it alone. Dakota pumps him doggie-style, and then missionary. Their shirtse off so they’re both naked now. Ja lies on his back, and Dakota jumps in for some more fucking. Ja lays back and Dakota jacks Ja’s big dick as he pounds him until he cums. Dakota pulls out and works his dick to shooting off across his partner. They kiss, but the fun is finished – for now.
Aaron’s out to find another ass, this time just for himself. Riley Burke catches his eye, so they head home. Before he gets there, he once again does his quick ass check. At home, they head to the kitchen, where Aaron quickly pulls down Riley’s jeans, so he can really check him out and rim him a while. With Riley up on the butcher block table, Aaron whips his shirt off and his dick out, so he can lick and tongue his ass and play with himself at the same time. He licks Riley’s ass, dick and balls all together. He sits Riley up on the table so that he can really get at his dick to suck. Aaron loses his pants and Riley his shirt, so that they are both now naked. Aaron pushes him back on the block so he can really rim him and jack off.
Riley then sucks on Aaron, who’s now standing over him. Riley gets back on the table for more rimming when suddenly Jesse appears in the room wearing just a towel and sharing Aaron’s appreciation of the new-found butt. Aaron kisses and caresses him and Jesse gives him head. Aaron sucks on his ass as Jesse sucks on his dick. The two friends go back and forth, first on Riley’s dick and then his ass. At one point, Aaron’s sucking on both of his friends at the same time.
Jesse, who’s best known as a bottom, slips on a condom and lubes it. Riley’s legs go in the air, and Jesse pushes his dick in. From the look on Riley’s face, it isn’t easy. Then Jesse sits on Aaron and rides him, Riley spreading Jesse’s buns while he does so – a little more butt worship. Jesse is now bent over the block to take Aaron up his butt while he sucks on Riley. Riley jacks off and cums on Jesse’s face as Aaron continues to fuck him. Then Jesse’s on his back getting fucked by Aaron and cums. Aaron jacks off and cums. They all kiss in a threeway. Is Aaron finally satisfied? Will he go out and look for more? What do you think?

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Duration: 1:40:18
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