The time has come for young Jacob to experience the worst nightmare of his life: crucifixion. The fit, young college boy is ordered to lie on the cross and his wrists and ankles are strapped to it. Anthony Martin puts his boot on the supine boy’s chest and cock. Jacob is terrified, but his cock hardens and remains hard as he’s lifted upright. Every muscle in his body strains. His pecs feel like they will tear, his shoulders like they will explode – and he has hours to go! Anthony has another agony for him, shoving a steel dildo up Jacob’s ass as he hangs from the wood, making him fuck himself with his own weight, in total agony. Still, his cock hardens. Anthony can’t keep his hands off the crucified boy, stroking his muscles, fingering his navel, pinching his nipples – and keeping his cock hard. The perfect gay boy, fucked and crucified.

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