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There’s just something really cute about this guy. His model application photos caught my eye but I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. But as soon as I met him I worked it out – it’s his eyes! They’re so deep and soulful and just give off so many different emotions that you can’t help feel captivated! Aside from his eyes, he’s got a very warm and friendly nature but hey, he sure was shy and nervous when he sat down on my sofa and the cameras started rolling. I did my best to put him at ease and slowly, Kieran began to relax. As he did so his cock began to lengthen and strengthen, helped in part by a little arse play . Not wanting to put him off his "stroke", as it were, I just let him settle back and enjoy the movie he was watching and the pleasure he was feeling through his uncut cock. By the time he was ready to blow he had built up a hefty head of steam… and the first dollop of cum sure went flying .

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